Ahmadiyya Movement - Founder Hazat Mirza. "Jesus was not a

partner in the Godhead, as was not Jacob. Both of them were beloved

prophets of God" (True Christianity and How it Leads to Islam).


American Atheist Center - Founder Madalyn Murray O'Hair. "There

is no God, thus Jesus is not the Son of God."


Ananda Marga Yoga - Leader Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. Jesus is

considered God, but there is no Trinity. "Be constantly absorbed in

the thought of God and you too will become God." (Baba's Grace-

Discourses of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti).


Anthroposophical Society - LeaderRudolf Steiner.

"According to Steiner, Jesus of Nazareth was just an ordinary man

until, at the age of thirty, he received the Christ-Essence

during his baptism at the Jordan" (Spiritual Counterfeits

Project in Berkeley, CA  Letter, Feb, 1977) Steiner was

an occult medium who interpreted the Bible through



Arica - Leader Oscar Ichazo. "The point of Arica is

enlightenment, man's transcending from the state of ego into what's

known as the void. This is a state of consciousness . . . Its

not God. It's God Consciousness." Aricans blend physical exercise

and meditation. God is formless, thus Christ cannot be God

(Awakening Ways to Psycho-Spiritual Growth, C. William Henderson).


Assemblies of Yahweh - "John 219) is sometimes presented as

evidence that Yahshua is the Almighty, that He is co-equal with His

Father, and that He had the power to resurrect Himself. This, of

course, is a false, trinitarian concept" (The Sacred Name

Broadcaster, Lincoln Frost). "We find the trinitarian

doctrine to be foreign to the Inspired Scriptures" (Doctrine #5).


Baha'i World Faith - Baha'i, an independent world religion

based on "a unique revelation of God," traces its roots to an

early division within Islam. God, called by different names, is one

but unknowable. Christ was a "manifestation" of God and a

way to God, but not the ONLY way to God.


Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship - Leader Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. "God is a

secret and a mystery, but man is also a mystery. Only God can see

God. So if man is to see God, he must become God. Man becomes God,

and God becomes man. Its no big deal," says Bawa

(Psychology, April,1976).


Black Muslim - Leader Wallace D. Fard (Allah-God) and Elijah

Poole (Elijah Muhammad - Fard's prophet). Also called "The Nation

of Islam." Elijah Muhammad said that Jesus was "only a prophet and

not the equal of Moses and Muhammad, and His religion was Islam,

not the Christianity of the Pope of Rome" (Pittsburgh

Courier, 1959).


Buddhism (Hinayana Buddhism and Mahayanna Buddhism) - "In

Hinayana Buddhism there is no god as we conceive of God . . . The

followers of Mahayanna Buddhism tend to deify Buddha. Their idea

of God; However, has no such comprehensive attributes as has

the Christian God" (Religions in a changing World, Howard F. Vos)

This eliminates the possibility of Jesus as a deity.


Cabala (Kabbalah) - Cabala is a system of Jewish Mystical

thought which originated in Southern France and Spain in the 12th

and 13th centuries. The Cabala doctrine of deity recognizes only

two deities - the hidden god, the infinite great divine

Nothing; and the dynamic god of religious experience (Spiritual

Counterfeits Project).


Center for Spiritual Awareness - Leader Roy Eugene Davis.

Also called Christian Spiritual Alliance. Buddha, Sri Krishna,

and Jesus were enlightened souls. "The second coming of Jesus is a

fanciful hope. The awakening of individuals to the

realization of their own Christ-nature is what will liberate man and

transform society" (Darshan The vision of Light, Roy E. Davis).

Jesus was a man who reached Christ-consciousness and was on

earth to share the truth of this consciousness.


Children of God - LeaderDavid Brandt Berg (Moses David).

Started as a fundamentalist counter-culture ministry, but

degenerated into belief in the occult, reincarnation, and

sexual permissiveness. The COG believes that Berg is the ONLY end-

time prophet; that the COG IS the remnant church of the last

days; that its authority is absolute; and in the use of

blasphemy, profanity, vulgarity, and pornography (Moody Monthly

July/August 1977).


Christian Scientist - Founder MAy Baker Eddy. Jesus was a

mere man who demonstrated the Christ (i.e. a divine idea). It

doesn't matter whether Christ ever existed, and His blood

doesn't cleanse from sin (Science and Health with Key to the

Scriptures, The First of Christ Scientist and Miscellany, both by Mary

baker Eddy).


Church of the Living Word - Leader John Robert Stevens. Also

calledTHE WALK. "Jesus Christ came to participate in humanity and

make the bridge of communication so that God could

communicate himself into our very beings. What He is, we

become" (The Word Became Flesh, a Living Word

Publication). According to Stevens, this begins with contemporary

revelations which make the the Living Word (Christ) to the

World. Although some acknowledgement is made of the

inspiration and authority of the Scripture, in practice the

source of teaching is current revelation, not the Bible. Stevens

considers himself God's chief intercessor.


Church Universal and Triumphant - Leader Elizabeth Claire

Prophet. Also called Summit International or Summit Lighthouse.

The Church Universal and Triumphant is a mixture of eastern

religions, Theosophy, Christianity, and many other things.

Elizabeth is recognized as one of the two witnesses of

Revelation 11. Her late husband and founder, Mark, is considered a

man that had the Christ Consciousness within him. He was one of many

who achieved the "God self" witness.


Dhyana-Mandiram - Leader Pandit Usharbudh. "God is

essentially formless . . . God may manifest Himself-Herself-Itself

in any form, at any time, at any place, on any planet . . . Jesus may

be accepted as one of the many incarnations of God" (Hinduism An

Introduction, Pandit Usharbudh and Yorke Crompton).


Divine Light Mission - Leader Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Ji is

the Living Perfect Master. Jesus was the Perfect Master of His

time, but Ji has replaced Him. Ji claims the world needs the

knowledge of Reality, and he claims to be the source of that

knowledge and of peace in the world, according to David J.

Hesselgrave, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.


ECKANKAR - Leader Sri Darwin Gross. ECKANKAR says it is the

wellspring and essence of all religions, philosophies, and sacred

doctrines. It claims to be the way to God-realization via the

"ancient science of soul travel." ECKANKAR makes the biblical

God into a demon who as creator is responsible for the evil in the

world and defines Christ as "god as all men are god" ("Eck World

News, December, 1978, page 13).


Findhorn Foundation University of Light - Leaders Peter and Eileen

Caddy. "The Devic (Deva is a being of light) would emphasize that

man has to do one thing to reverse the trend of events on the

planet he has to recognize within himself the Divinity and

wholeness of which he is a part" (The Magic of Findhorn, Paul

Hawken). They separate Jesus and Christ and appear to be

panthiestic. The group, a form of spiritism, became famous

because the Findhorn community in Scotland has a producing garden

near the Arctic Circle which is supposedly taken care of by plant



Freemasonry - ". . . We tell the sincere Christian that Jesus

of Nazareth was but a man like us" ("Morals and Dogmas" by Albert

Pike in How to Respond to the Lodge).


Hare Krishna - Founder Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Also called

International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). To

the Krishnaite, the world is not real; its illusion. Salvation

comes by chanting the name of their god, Hare Krishna, at least

1,728 times daily. They believe in the literal interpretation

of the Hindu scriptures, but they also accept the Bible as one of the

scriptures. They consider Jesus one of their gurus.


"I AM" MOVEMENT - Leader Guy Ballard (Pen Name Godfrey Ray

King). Jesus, a man, developed the I AM/GOD SELF within himself.

This almighty I Am presence is a pure reservoir of energy

stationed over the head which can be drawn on at will. Jesus is

seen as one of the many Ascended Masters. They do not recognize the

Trinity. This cult is an off-shoot of the Theosophical Society. It

modern form is called the Summit Lighthouse or Church Universal

and Triumphant. However, the "I Am" movement still exist as an

independent organization (The 'I Am' Discourses, Saint Germain



Iglesia Ni Cristo - LeaderFelix Manalo. "We believe in Jesus

Christ, but we do not believe that He is True God. We believe in

only one true god, the god of creation. Jesus Christ is a great

savior and was commissioned by God to be the savior" ("Research Center

Bulletin," Far East Broadcasting).


Inner Peace Movement - Leader Rev. Francisco Coll, DD. A

form of spiritualism and spiritism combining ESP, astro-

projection, psychic phenomena,etc., they introduce seven

levels of consciousness. Christ consciousness is the highest.

Jesus had reached Christ Consciousness and taught this while on

earth. Jesus was a man. They separate Jesus and Christ. God is

impersonal and spoken of as The All, The Cosmos, and The Universe

(Every Wind of Doctrine, Hobart Freeman).


Integral Yoga Institute - Founder Swami Satchidananda. "There

are not many gods; there is only One. And that One has no name, no

form, no place. (Thus Christ is not God.) He is everywhere-in

actuality, neither he, nor she, nor it . . . The two sides are

positive and negative, light and shade. Evil is also God." says the

Swami (The Youth Nappers, James C. Hefley).


Islam - Christ was a prophet of Allah, but was superseded by

Muhammad's teachings and authority.


Jainism - FounderMahavira. "Jainism begins by denying the

existence of an external supreme being, creator, or Lord, who

is the mainstay of the universe. (Thus,no Christ.) For these

non-theistic humanist, there is no need to assume a First cause"

(Religions in a Changing World, Howard F. Vos)


Jehovah's Witnesses - Jesus is a created being, Michael,

the first creation of Jehovah and the "Son of God."


Laymen's Home Missionary Movement - LeaderRaymond J. Jolly.

Similar to the Jehovah's Witnesses, they deny the physical

resurrection of Jesus Christ. "John 424-God is a Spirit. Luke 2439-

A Spirit hath not flesh and bones . . . In the first place, God

directly tells us that Jesus is now a spirit being" (Epiphany

Studies in the Scriptures). "Trinitarians have grossly mistranslated

and miscapitalized this passage to read their trinitarianism into

it, as they have done in other cases. The proper translation

shows that Christ is not Jehovah . . . He is Jehovah's appointed

Savior for the world, not Jehovah Himself" (Epiphany Studies

in the Scriptures-Series 1).


Liberal Catholic Church - LeadersCharles W.

Leadbeater and Vincent M. Matthews. "Obviously, God is not and

cannot be a person. (Thus, no divine Christ.) The persons of the

Holy Trinity are representatives or masks for the One God who is

beyond individuality; is unlimited; eminent; and transcendent" (The

One Existence, E.M. Matthews). The LCC is independent of the Roman

Catholic Church and blends elements of theosophy and pantheism

(These Also Believe, Charles Samuel Braden).


Megiddo Mission - FounderRev. L.T. Nichols. "Christ, Emanuel,

'God with us,' is not the eternal God but the Son of God, conceived

of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, but wholly human in his

nature -Matthew 123,Hebrews 216,17 . . ."(History of the Megiddo

Mission, published by Megiddo Mission Church).


Mormons-FounderJoseph Smith, Jr. Also Called Church of Jesus

Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jesus is a pre-existent spirit,

also the Father, one of many gods. Christ was God-man, and men can

be just like him (Mormon Doctrine, Bruce McConkie).


Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai - Soka Gakkai substitutes Gautama

Buddha and Nichiren for the True God and replaces the Bible with

the Lotus Sutra, a false scripture. Soka Gakkai translates to

"Value Recreation Society" ("Views on Christ," John Weldon).


Peace Mission Movement - Leader Father Divine (George

Baker). Baker distinguishes between Jesus and Christ. "I say

B.J. not B.C. because it was before Jesus yet, in my opinion, it

was not before Christ" (The New Day, September 1,1945).

"Jesus, he (Baker) seems at times to regard as merely the temporal

and physical embodiment of the Christ" (These Also Believe,

Charles Samuel Braden). Baker has claimed to be God and the Holy

Spirit. There are also references in Baker's writings to

indicate that Jesus is God (Kingdom of the Cults, Walter Martin).


Psychiana - Leader Frank B. Robinson. "At no time has God, nor

will God, manifest Himself on this earth or anywhere as a

person . . . Jesus was no more than a human acting out the God-

power" (They Have Found a Faith, Marcus Bach).


Radha Soami Society - Leader Charan Singh. God is seen as

attributeless, formless, and impersonal without personality

and name, although they give "him" the qualities of love, grace,

wisdom and power. The Society asserts that there are countless

gods and goddesses, lords, rulers and governors in the universe

(The World of Gurus, Vishal Mangalwadi), thus Jesus Christ is not

Lord of Lords.


Rajneesh Meditation Centers - Leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. "But

God (thus, Christ) is not a person. God is the process . .

Existence is without cause . . .In the beginning, there is no cause

so in the end there can be no purpose" (Beyond and Beyond, Acharya



Rosicrucianism - Jesus was a reincarnated man, the

highest luminary possible. The Christ spirit in Him was a

manifestation of the cosmic Christ ("Rays from the Rose Cross,"

December, 1978).


Ruhani Satsang - Leader Kirpal Singh. "Jesus Christ was

essentially a man of the East, and his teachings are imbued with

oriental mysticism. It is even speculated that he spent many of

his early years in india and learned from the Yogins and

Buddhist monks" (The Crown of Life, Kirpal Singh).


Sacred Mushroom of the Cross - Leader John Allegro. Christ was

a mushroom (Sacred Mushroom of the Cross, John Allegro).


Sanatana Dharma Foundation - Leader Yogeshwar Muni.

(also called Kayavarohan). Jesus is a man who achieved a

divine state through meditation. Sanatana Dharma is

considered the eternal path to truth leading to fulfillment and

divinity. "Thus men, for the first time on Earth, could achieve the

God level not only in concept, but in physical manifestations as

well" (Vishvamitra Newsletter).


Satanism - The introduction to the satanic bible says, "What

amuses us most is that you indicate that a mere command to Satan in

Jesus' name is sufficient to dismiss him. The Prince of Darkness

regards both God and Jesus Christ a figments of man's more

infantile imagination, at least insofar as their supposed power is

concerned. God is dead, and Christ was but a man" (Every Wind of

Doctrine, Dr. Hobart Freeman).


Scientology-Founder L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard claims to have

found the spiritual technology to dispense the one "true way" to

man. It is a process working through levels of self-knowledge and

knowledge of past lives to awaken the primordial deity within

until a person is able to regain total godhood. Christ is a man

"who achieved a 'state of clear' but not the higher state of

'Operating Thetan" ("Certainty" magazine, Vol 5, No 10).


Self-Realization Fellowship - Leader Paramahansa Yogananda. Group

also called "Yogoda Satsanga Society." Separates Jesus and

Christ. Jesus was indwelt by the Christ Consciousness. "Let the

omniscient Christ Consciousness come to Earth a second time and be

born in you, even as it was manifested in the mind of Jesus"

(Metaphysical Meditations, SRF Publishers.


Shintoism - "Deity is spirit, without form, unknowable . . .

changeless, eternal, existing from the beginning of Heaven and

Earth up to the present, unfathomable, infinite . . ." (Source of

Japanese Tradition, Vol 1, editor William Theodore De Bary).


Shree Guru Dev Siddha Yoga Ashram - Leader Swami Muktananda

Paramahansa. Also called "Sidha Yoga Dham." This is a self

realization group whose leader claims to be god. "This is the praise

of the all-pervasive, formless, unmanifest, Absolute Being who

manifest Himself in a thousand forms . . . Above all, you will receive

Divine Grace and finally realize your own divinity." Rejects

God manifesting Himself in Jesus Christ (Songs of God, Guru, Self

- Kabiraj).


Sikhism - Founder Nanak. Sikhism developed an abstract

and mystical monotheism. God is formless, sovereign, unknowable

and absolute. However, a righteous person can call upon the grace

of Sat Nam - God. If a person reaches salvation, which is by works,

he absorbs into God. rejects the idea that God revealed in a

Person of Jesus Christ (Cults, World Religions and You, Kenneth



Sivananda Yoga Vedenta Centers - Leader Swami Sivananda.

Also called "International Sivananda Yoga Society." God (or

Christ) is not a person or spirit, but Consciousness. He

is sometimes reborn as a man, other times as an animal, plant, or

even inanimate object. (The World of Gurus, Vishal Mangalwadi).


Spiritual Advancement of the Individual Foundation. - Leader Sri

Satya Sai Baba. Jesus Christ is seen as an "Avatar," a deity

descended to earth in bodily form. Sai Baba is Jesus Christ who

was returned. Man, according to Baba, is Atman - Self or God.

Man is under an illusion so that he forgets that he is God. Baba

also teaches that God is ultimately without attributes (The World

of Gurus, Vishal Mangalwadi).


Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship - Founder Arthur Ford and

others. "There was no Christ 2,000 ago. There was a man 2,000 ago

through whom the Annointed One was able to manifest. The man

died, Christ lived, and as the Holy Spirit has been helping . . . The

Divine Mind or the Concept of God has within himself all the

faculties or qualities of both male and female. There can be

no creative expression, there can be no life without these two

qualities. So God is neither man nor woman." Ford, a former

Christian minister, made these comments during a seance March 18,

1965 (Unknown but Known, Arthur Ford).


Spiritualist - Jesus was an outstanding Jewish medium (Kingdom of

the Cults - Walter Martin).


Sri Chinmoy Centers - Leader Sri Chinmoy. God is seen as

Consciousness and Light. Realize the divinity within you. "It is not

because of his (Jesus') miracles that he is worshipped, but

because he brought down the eternal Consciousness, the

infinite Consciousness" (Kundalini The Mother Power, Sri Chinmoy).


Still Point Institute - Leader Sujata. Christ is an evolutive

god, a cosmic Christ. A heavy influence of Zen Buddhism

negates the personal God (The Still Point, William Johnson).


Subud - Leader Muhammad Subuh (Bapak). God is a "Great Life Force

that flows through everything and everyone. It is impersonal."

(Thus no divine Christ.) God is felt through "latihan" which is an

inner vibration. The objective is Subud is to become passive so

that you can experience and feel latihan (New Gods in America,

Peter Rowley).


Sufism - Leader Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. God is an

"Abstract Sound" which is the creative life principle in all of

nature. "The goal of Sufism is union with God in this life." Because

of its link with Islamic philosophy, it would not consider

Jesus as God (Awakening Ways to Psycho-Spiritual Growth,

C.William Henderson).


Swedenborgism - Founder E. Swedenborg. A form of spiritism which

also denies the person of the Holy Spirit. He is called an

efficiency or sanctifying influence. "We ought to have faith in

God the Savior Jesus Christ, because that is faith in the visible

God in Whom is the Invisible; and faith in the visible God, Who

is at once Man and God, who enters Man" (True Christian

Religion, E. Swedenborg).


Taoism - Greatest philosopher Chuang Tzu. "There is no personal

Creator-God" (Cults, World Religions and You, Kenneth Boa).


Tarotology - The most serious form of cartomancy (divination by

cards). It has been linked with magic, numerology, astrology and

other cults. For all the languages about God, Spirit and the

Truth of God, the God and Truth of Tarot are in no way those of Jesus

Christ. It is an idolatrous system (Dennis Hesslegrave,

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).


The Farm - Leader Stephen. An eastern mysticism commune in

Summertown, TN. Jesus, a teacher, was a good man indwelt with

Christ Consciousness. "In the telepathic medium of the Holy

Spirit, Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, call

it what you will, exist all the time. ... You don't have to call

it Jesus or Buddha or Krishna, it's 'the consciousness'"(Hey

Beatnik! 1974).


The Foundation Church of the Millennium - leader Father John.

Denies the deity of Jesus Christ. It is an off-shoot of or the

front for the Process Church of the Final Judgement (below)

although they deny affiliation. They were both founded in

September, 1966; began in Xtul, Mexico; listed their midwest

address as 1529 N. Wells Street, Chicago, IL; and have both

since moved.


The Holy Order of MANS - Leader Earl Blighton. Holds the occult-

eastern view that Jesus was a great teacher, but merely a man

who attained an impersonal kind of "Christ Consciousness." They

separate Jesus and Christ. They believe all can attain Christ-

Consciousness (Spiritual Counterfeit Project, Berkeley, CA).


The Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy.

- Founder Swami Rama. "In order to become true members of the

Church of Christ, a person must know not who Jesus was, but what

Christ is. Christ, Ishvara, is the very personal force pervading

the universe that guides and illuminates every aspirant. . .

It is not an embodied person, but rather a force in which all

individual beings are divine sparks. . ."(Meditation in Christianity,

Dr. Pandit Arya). Swami Rama has said, "Jesus Christ was perhaps

the greatest of all Yogis."


The Process Church of the Final Judgement - Founder Robert

De Grimston. Jesus is a mere man. "The Processeans believe in three

gods Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan" (Sata's Devices, Kurt Koch)


The 3 HO Foundation - Leaders Yogi Bhajan and Guru Ram Dass. The

3 HO means Happy, Health and Holy. "What is God?... He is cosmic

energy... He is yin-yang; He is positive an negative. He is male,

female... When you say cosmic consciousness, you mean

God... You are God... God is you. Man has never realized he

is God... God is a stick... God is a cup.... God is a woman" (The

Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Bhajan).


Unification Church - Leader/Fonder Sun Myung Moon. Moon states

that God has dual qualities - spirit and energy. God is a personal

being with consciousness, intelligence, love and purpose.

Salvation can come only through the Messiah who achieves

perfection, marries, and has perfect offspring. Christ, Moon

says, was to do this, but He failed because he died before he

could marry. Because He was resurrected, Moon says, Jesus did

redeem man spiritually. The physical redemption of man will

happen through a second Messiah, but not Christ. The implication

is that Moon is the second Messiah. (Moody Monthly, July 1977).


The Way International - Leader Victor Paul Wierwile. A very close

counterfeit of Christianity. They believe in God, the Bible, Jesus

Christ, salvation, and eternal life, but not the Trinity. Jesus is

NOT God, and the Holy Spirit is a synonym for God (Jesus Christ

is Not God, Victor Paul Wierwille).


Theosophist - Christ took the body Jesus, a man, to become

a teacher. Eventually all men become Christ.


Transcendental Meditation - Leader Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Also called "Spiritual Generation Movement," "Student's

International Meditation Society," "TM." Maharishi says the

reason for creation and individual life is the expansion of

happiness. This is done by expanding one's consciousness through

seven levels of consciousness. Jesus is considered an Enlightened

One. Leaders have attempted to claim that TM is not a religion, but

courts have ruled that it is, and the nature of its initiation

rites prove that it is Hindu derivative. (Meditations, Maharishi

Mahesh Yogi).


Unitarians - Jesus was a man who believed in One God, not the



Unity School of Christianity - Jesus was a perfect man, indwelt by

the Christ Consciousness, present in every human being.


Vedanta Society - Founder Swami Vivekananda. Also known as

"Ramakrishna Order." "They (gods) are human beings with

extraordinary, original powers and entrusted with a Divine

commission. Being heirs of Divine power and glories, they form a class

of their own. To this class belong the incarnations of God, like

Christ, Krishna, Buddha, and Chaitanya and their devotees of

the highest order" (Hindu View of Christ. Swami Akhilananda).


Witchcraft - "Down through the centuries, many witches

and sorcerers consider God and Satan as merely symbols of power,

with no real existence as personalities" (Kingdom of Darkness,

F.W. Thomas). Some witches may see Jesus as a wizard who was able

to master natural and occult forces.


Worldwide Church of God - Leader Herbert W. Armstrong. Jesus

is a part of the godhead (God is a family) and men can become like

Jesus and part of the God family - Sons of God. They do not

believe in a closed godhead (TRINITY). The Holy Spirit is not

considered a person, but the Father and the Son work through it.

(Derivate cult - International Church of God. Leader Son of

Herbert, George, was disowned by his father and started this

group that believes the same but claims that the Worldwide Church

lost its authority when Herbert divorced his wife.)


Zen Buddhism - "Since Zen does not affirm the existence of the

living God, it is not only absolutely destitute of the special

revelation of God in His Word, but is wholly alien to the God of

revelation." says Lit-Sen-Chang (The Kingdom of the Cults, Walter



Zoroastrianism - Founder Spitoma Zoroaster. This is one of

the first monotheistic religions in the world, and adherents of this

religion are thought to have been the originators of the Wise Men

from the East who searched out Jesus when He was born. This cult

doesn't recognize a personal God. Their god, Ahura Mazda, is

impersonal and has no physical nature (Cults, World Religions and

You, Kenneth Boa).


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