New Age: The Practical View

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Among the various mechanisms and means devised over the years as a

vehicle for world government, the latest is the New Age Movement.

While claiming to be the "new spirituality, " the New Age only

offers the same, worn-out old cliches about peace, love , higher

selves, and lower living that have accompanied malcontents from Plato

until now.

Redistributing the wealth of others may beat working

productively, but such dreams do not happen naturally; they must be

imposed from the top downward. This oppression from above is the real

momentum behind New Age "flowers."

DOCUMENTATION; The New American, October 12, 1987

...Ideologically, those involved in the New Age Movement are

invariably to the left in the political spectrum.

...Though its roots go back several centuries, the New Age

Movement, with its heavy leftist tilt, is clearly linked to the

radicalism of the 1960's.

...The New Age Movement is basically collectivist in its politics.

(New Ager Marilyn) Ferguson quotes political scientist Melvin Gurtov

approvingly: "The new person creates the new collectivity and what the

new collectivity creates -- is -- the new politics."... On the issues

of foreign policy and national security, the New Age Movement lines up

squarely with the Soviet-dominated peace movement .... Finally, the

New Age Movement is strongly committed to globalism. Throughout the

movement's literature there is hostility toward nationalism and an

emphasis on "planetary consciousness."

Marilyn Ferguson declares: "All

countries are economically and ecologically involved with each other,

politically enmeshed. The old gods of isolationism and nationalism are

tumbling, artifacts like the stone deities of Easter

Island."....Futurist Alvin Toffler also envisions his "new

civilization" as a global one:"...

This consciousness is shared by

multinational executives, long-haired environmental campaigners,

financiers, revolutionaries, intellectuals, poets, and painters, not to

mention members of the Trilateral Commission ... And its appearance is

seen as an evolutionary necessity -- a step closer to a "cosmic

consciousness" that would embrace the heavens as well." .. Many in the

New Age Movement see the United Nations as the foundation of such a new

global order ...

The New Age Movement is a significant political force

that could determine the future. Freedom-loving Americans should not

take lightly the implications of the following statement by Tom Hayden:

"Those who filled the streets in the 60's may yet fill the halls of

government in the 80's and if we do, I don't believe we will forget our


Among the warnings to be found in the Bible is I Thessalonians 5:3:

" For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction

cometh upon them ..." This is the theme of the New Age. But, as we

have seen, the New Age is merely "old tyranny, " dressed-up in "new

clothes." Let Christians bear in mind that we know a tree by its fruit.

Apart from Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace, no true peace will be


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