Christ and the Pope Contrasted

1). Christ wore a crown of thorns. Matthew 27:29


"Among (the pope's) insignia (is).. the triple crown." (Externals

of Catholic Church, Msgr. John O'Sullivan, Pg.9)

2). Christ said, "My Kingdom is not of this world." John 18:36

The pope is "Sovereign of the State of Vatican City" and "a

temporal monarch." (Ibid., p. 9)

3). Christ washed His disciples' feet, this manifesting a spirit of

humility worthy of emulation by His followers. John 13:5

For centuries, the Pope presented his foot to be kissed.

Catholic Dictionary of Theology, Volume III p. 178

4). Christ gave His Gospel free to all. Matthew 8:10

The Pope authorizes stipends for Masses. (Priest Conway, The

Question Box)

5). Christ said, "Call no man upon earth your father." Matthew 23:9

"The Pope is usually mentioned as 'Our Holy Father'". (Externals

of Catholic Church, pg. 9)

6). Christ lived a chase and pure life. 1 Peter 2:2

Even Roman Catholics admit that a number of the popes lived

immoral, degraded lives.

7). Christ authorized the Holy Spirit as His Vicar on earth. John


"Christ chose St. Peter to be..his vicar on earth.. These powers

were passed to his successors." (Catholic Almanac, pg. 145)

8). Christ is the Head of the Church. Colossians 1:18

"St. Peter,...the head of the church...these prerogatives passed

to his successors." (Ibid)

9). Christ claims infallibility for himself and the Word of God

alone. Matthew 24:35

"The successor of infallible in matters of faith and

morals." (Externals of Catholic Church, O'Sullivan, pg.5)

10). Christ taught that sin should be confessed to God. 1 John 1:9

"Sacramental confession is the act by which a person accuses

himself of his sins to a priest." (Catholic Almanac, pg. 279)

11). Christ taught His followers to pray to God through Him. John


The Pope teaches his followers to pray to Mary. "We often more

quickly obtain what we ask by calling on the name of Mary than by

invoking that of Jesus." (Glories of Mary, Liguori, pg. 254)

12). Christ is the one mediator between God and man. 1 Timothy 2:5

"We can honor the saints by praying to them." (St. Joseph's

Catechism, pg. 113)

13). Christ taught that salvation was by grace. John 3:16, Ephesians


The Pope teaches salvation by works. "We sin by presumption when

we trust we can be saved by God alone without our own efforts."

(St. Peter's Catechism, pg. 33)

14). Christ was poor and lowly. Matthew 22:19

The material wealth of the Vatican, over which the Pope is

absolute monarch, is immense.

15). Christ had no place to lay His head. Matthew 8:20

The Pope lives in a magnificient palace surrounding by wealth and


16). Christ promulgated the laws of His Kingdom and urged His

followers to do the same. Matthew 5,6,7, 28:20

Cannon law has been substituted as the official law of the Roman

Catholic Church.

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