(Please read this letter we received on Astrology. Editor's Note)

Dear Friends:

While visiting a church in Denver, I picked up two of your tracts on The

Exorcist. I am writing this with reference to your section in the tracts on

Astrology, and would like to enclose the following factors regarding


I was introduced to astrology at an early age. I started with astrology, and

then thru other circumstances and acquaintances which were brought into my

life, I was drawn deeper into the occult...palmistry, numerology,

reincarnation, and use of the pendulum for yes and no answers, and visiting

psychics for palm readings. I became a professional Astrologer, specializing

in Medical Astrology and writing articles for publication in national

astrology magazines, which went along with my college degree in psychology.

I had always considered astrology scientific, a field associated with

Psychology. I considered the workings of these things based upon a combination

of natural science, laws of the universe, and the workings of the subconscious

mi nd, since I felt that science has never even tapped the hidden powers of

the human mind. I thought that because it worked out in actual practice, it

was based solely on scientific principles.

In early history the stars and planets were worshipped as divine beings, that

is, people actually worshipped the fallen angels which controlled the

influences that came thru each stellar body. These beings worked to bring

about circumstances in accordance with the occultists predictions. One was

thus brought under the domination of occult powers.

I found that in my teen years false religious beliefs were drummed into my

mind, where they rested in the subconscious levels of mental awareness, giving

me a false conception of God, of His Nature and Character, and of the way He

feels toward me, and this caused certain psychological problems involving

feelings of spiritual rejection, resentment, and rebellion, so that in later

years I rejected organized religion just about completely. The devil lays a

background such as this, and later introduces one to the occult to find the

answers to their problems. When one does not find the answers in the religions

he tries out, he is easily enticed into the occult, as I was.

I found the strongest pulls to the occult are: a fear of the future, a fear of

death and the hereafter and a need for a philosophy of life that will ease

one's mind....like reincarnation, for example; a need of ill persons to find

some reasonable explanation why they must be chronically ill...reincarnation

gives them the reason as they had lived some previous life of sin and are in

this lifetime suffering for it; intellectual curiosity about the unknown. My

insecurity from feeling rejected, made me have a strong psychological need to

relieve my almost at times terrifying fear of the future and the hereafter,

which was intermixed with feelings of obscure guilt which I could not

understand, and I used the occult to try to relieve my fear of the future by

seeking to control the future through knowing it ahead of time (one of

astrology's tenets is "foreknown is forearmed"), and thus I was using the

occult as a crutch to lessen my fears of the future.

It can be seen how when one is led to believe that the powers hidden in the

subconscious mind causes the occult to work, one cannot see the real power

behind the occult, which is the influence and ultimately, control of occult

forces which gradually gain control of one's life.

It can be seen how when one is led to believe that the powers hidden in the

subconscious mind causes the occult to work, one cannot see the real power

behind the occult, which is the influence and ultimately, control of occult

forces which gradually gain control of one's life.

It took that long for me to be made aware of why astrology works, even down to

minute details. It was brought before my mind that Astrology works because

Satan and fallen angels, being very powerful spiritual beings actually control

the stellar influences which come thru from each planet, and this is why all

the astrological keywords for each stellar body very adequately explain the

situation as designed by the astrologer, and this is permitted to be so in

this present age because Satan is the ruler of this age and this present world


I learned that many laws of the universe and of nature are very mixed up into

the system of Astrology, since for the past 6,000 years Satan has thoroughly

studied and understood all the laws of the universe and used these laws to

attempt to control everything in the universe. In both false religion and the

occult, Satan works up a system of "faith", with a lot of true knowledge,

which he then intermixes falsity, for his job is to deceive. There must be

some truth mixed in with Satan's lies because otherwise men would not be

deceived by Satan's doctrines. Satan is an imitator, and to imitate something,

it has to be somewhat close to the original in order to deceive. It is as if

one were to take a lake of truth and pour a cup of deadly poison into it ...it

will still kill anyone who drinks of it. It is a true fact that God has set

certain laws of the universe in operation, where the heavens influence the

Earth in various ways, but Satan has taken these laws and applied them, and

some of his deceptions, and used all this to incorporate these things into a

system of belief or fortunetelling. When one gets involved in the occult, it

opens up an opportunity for fallen celestial beings to gain control over one's

life, since one is getting onto Satan's territory where his devices can

influence one strongly, and the final result is to be brought under the

control of occult forces,

So that, for the scientifically oriented and intellectual individual, Satan

appeals to their mind and scientific background. I found it very difficult to

give up the medical astrology portion of my career, as I had found it useful

in my cancer and heart disease research work. I considered it on a par with

medicine, a science and an art.

It took a year and a half after I surrendered my life to Jesus before I could

be free from entanglement in this area of astrology. I found also that as long

as I used astrology in any manner, I couldn't stop thinking about it and using

it for my own purposes in seeking to know the future. Even though I had given

my heart to Jesus when I was a teenager, I didn't think (know) that Astrology

had anything to do with "spiritual" things. I was later made to understand

that the devil was using any little hold upon me, with regard to astrology, he

could to keep me involved in it. It was a gradual process until I finally gave

up all my connections with astrology by the end of May, since I was made so

very upset on the inside whenever I used it. Not then really understanding the

reasons why, I had continued to use it till May. It gradually dawned upon my

mind that the Holy Spirit had been really working upon me to give it all up,

and that was why I felt so upset internally over astrology. Perhaps this

letter will help you in advising others with problems similar to mine.

Sincerely Yours, M.S.

Have you been `Playing' with Astrology?....You Can't

Serving TWO Masters?


Read: Rom. 12:1, I Chrorn. 29:5, I Thess. 5:23, Prov. 23:26



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