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Subject: Mormonism...

SWORD OF THE LORD - January 4, 1991 issue. NEWS of Interest to Christians -

Mormonism Fails "Truth Test"

Joseph Smith's mother said he was known for his "tall tales" (9/90 THE

EVANGEL). He used alcoholic drinks and tobacco, which he declared God had

forbidden. He told several conflicting stories in his weird claims to having

actually seen God and Christ in the flesh. Entire chapters from the King

James Bible, even the italicized words, are found in the Book of Mormon, a

book supposedly written centuries earlier than the KJ Bible. There is no such

thing as a "reformed Egyptian language," it has no archaeological support.

The Mormon fairy tale is riddled with salamanders, fraud, superior

family-life myths, etc., and defies belief. Joseph Smith was no prophet of

God, the Book or Mormon is not Scripture, and the Latter Day Saints church is

a false cult.


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