Community Chapel Continues To Lose


Coming as quite a shock to Chapelites, a Chapel mother not only lost

custody of her five children, but was forbidden to take them anywhere

near the Community Chapels when she has visitations. The Court battle

in Vancouver, B.C., at times very high pitched, lasted ten long days

with the Colossian Fellowship being called as expert witnesses. The

Chapel support for the mother was great, but to no avail against truth.

In her ruling, Justice Jo-Ann Prowse noted that the dancing involved

"physical contact...not only between adults, but also between adults and

children." "The evidence has left me with serious doubts as to (the

mother's) judgment as it relates to the children," the judge continued,

"I conclude that the clouding of her judgment is due in large part to

her fervent and apparently unquestioning commitment to the Community

Chapel Church...Her most serious error in judgment was the removal of

the children from their school. But there are other judgment calls

which are also disturbing. These include removing the children from all

of their outside activities, the regular late night attendances at

church services...the willingness to see them enter into connections

with adults, the encouragement of secrecy about the church, and the

unwillingness to seriously consider that the evidence about the Seattle

church should give her some pause for thought."

Coming on top of this, was the closure of the Victoria, B.C.

Community Chapel in early January 1988. The Satellite closed after a

Victoria Police Officer went undercover and investigated it. He found

the same problem with children that plagues the main Community Chapel.

This is not the only loss for the Community Chapels. From the

1986/1988 telephone directory for the main Community Chapel, there has

been a loss of over 500 members; down to 1,597. Their satellite

churches have also experienced losses. From claiming 22 satellite

Churches, they are down to about 12 satellites churches according to

their "Our Satellite Churches," minus Victoria. And according to their

own listings, the total membership for all the Chapels, now stand at

less than 2,337!

(C.F. Staff)


March 1988

P.O. Box 12933

Seattle, Wa., U.S.A. 98111

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