The Decline of Community Chapel?

The decline of the Community Chapels continues. Louis Mensonides,

counselor; and Scott Hartley, board of Senior Elders member were all

tried for failure to report child abuse. The three argued that they

were ministers, and therefore, exempt. No evidence was found that

they were ordained ministers at the time, and so, the three Seattle

Community Chapel counselors were convicted.

With Barbara Barnett having left Don Barnett, the divisions within

the main Chapel have increased. Don Barnett warned that he no longer

trusted Barbara's revelation, and then, Barbara's "spiritual

connection", Jerry Swack, was discontinued as manager of the community

Chapel Counseling Center. In response, it has been reported that

Barbara has left the main Community Chapel.

The financial situation of the main Community Chapel has continued

to decline. There have been several pleas for increased giving

claiming that without it they will be "several hundred thousand

dollars" behind. This has climaxed with the closing of their business

offices in late September.

Most concerning was the revelation that came out of their fall

camp meeting. First, God called the Chapelites His "darling Bride-to-

be." He then claimed that He would "wage holy, total war" against

Chapel's "enemy." God said that there would be "great bloodshed in

the spiritual realm" and that they would take part.

from The C.F. PREVUE

November 1987

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