Another Catholic Miracle?

Our good friend Joe Flowers, up in Alabama, keeps us constantly

stocked with news items and new reports so we don't have to take a

newspaper to find out what's going on. He sends us here something

from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph for Sunday, April 2, 1989, which is

so typical we thought our Bible believing people might enjoy reading


This item bears testimony to the fact that it is not simply Africans

and people in India who see bleeding statues and flying saucers and

"spinning balls right into the sun" and golden purple balls going up

over Mary's head, but Americans are just as pagan and just as stupid.

Here we read from Ambridge, Pennsylvania:

"The curious, the devout and the doubting Thomases are flocking by the

hundreds to a Roman Catholic church to gaze upon a life sized crucifix

whose once opened eyes, reportedly closed during a Good Friday

service. `I brought everyone who could fit in my car,' said Evelyn

Boreli, 44, Glassport, who drove about forty miles with two children

and five other adults to this Ohio River mill town on Friday. `I

wanted to be as close as I could be and I wanted my children to

experience it too. I truly believe it was a miracle,' she said."

Isn't it strange that nobody reported her for child abuse?

"`When the Good Friday occurance was reported to the media, more than

a thousand people from several states who had been visiting the Holy

Trinity Church each day,' according to the Rev. Vincent Cvitkovic,

the church pastor."

No Catholic priest is a pastor. Pastor's are to be "apt to teach."

There isn't a Roman Catholic priest in America, nor has there ever

been, who knew enough Bible to teach a Daily Vacation Bible School.

No Catholic priest is allowed to debate publically with a Bible

believer anywhere in the United States. They are too stupid. They

have lay lawyers do their work for them.

"Many of the worshipers say that miracle or not, they feel better

after gazing at the luminous statue suspended fifteen feet above the


Well, PCP will make you feel better too. So will crack. I rather

imagine Jim Jones felt better after he laced his grape juice with


"`It is touching,' said Joan Smallwood of nearby Aliquitta, `You feel


You feel cleansed? Why it's the blood of Jesus Christ God's son that

cleanseth us from all sin. Christ said that you were to cling to the

word He had spoken, not some blinking icon fifteen feet above an altar

that has no business in a church building.

Lewis Zbihley said, "I feel a bit calmer within myself. It just made

my faith a little bit stronger."

Your faith in what? "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word

of God." You felt calmer in yourself? "Come unto me all ye that labor

and are heavy laden and I will give you rest," said Jesus Christ, not

some blinking idol in a pagan edifice. But, pagans are pagans

anywhere. And Americans are just as stupid as Africans or Asiatics

when it comes to idol worship and anti-Biblical, anti-Christian, Roman

Catholic nonsense.

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