Poland And The Vatican

After forty-four years of rejection by the Communists of eastern

Europe, the Vatican has now been able to establish full diplomatic

relations with Poland. This, along with Poland's election of an openly

Catholic premier, is the capstone of a long and bitter struggle

between a Catholic population and their Russian dominated Communist


Its economy in shambles and its political influence nearly

nonexistent, the Communist government has decided that it is time to

fraternize with the Vatican, in return for papal support.

The western world is rejoicing over the new openness, but Bible

believers have little to rejoice over except for the fact that while

the struggle was going on over a million Chick gospel tracts were

allowed into Poland. True Christians fear that they will find

themselves even less welcome under Vatican control of the country than

under Communism.

The leader of one ministry responsible for getting gospel literature

into Poland writes:

"Poland, as I'm sure you are aware, has been dedicated to Mary {any

wonder it has problems?} and the Solidarity party {leaders} are now

saying there will be only one church in Poland."

The Polish government has agreed to return property seized from the

Catholic church in the 1950's, and pay compensation for property the

church does not wish to take back. This alone will bring an estimated

several billion zlotys to the church's coffers, equal to millions of


Promising a "new field of church activities" in Poland, the Polish

bishops delayed giving their support until they were first assured

that they would be given a proper role in influencing the government.

That underscores the basic struggle here. The goal is control. With a

Catholic population, and now Catholic officials in the government,

diplomatic relations insure that the pope's wishes will be reflected

in official policy.

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