Roman Catholic Attack On Bible Believers

The following is a resolution passed by The American Council of

Christian Churches meeting in Kingsport, Tennessee, on October 24-26,


"Resolution #7, Response To Roman Catholic Attack Upon Bible

Believers. Whereas, newspapers report that Roman Catholic bishops of

Alabama and Mississippi have issued a pastoral letter comparing

Biblical Fundamentalism to Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany and the

Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran:

"Whereas, this Roman Catholic pronouncement, according to the

newspapers, accused Fundamentalism of being a danger because it

believes in an individual and literal interpretation of scripture

which contrasts the Roman Catholic belief that scripture cannot stand

apart from the church community...."

Then they are firmly resolved that the American Council of Christian

Churches reaffirms its Biblical position that God has magnified His

word above the church (Ps. 138:2). It's a pity that CBS, NBC, ABC

and the Gannett newspapers don't have a "fairness doctrine" practice

where an opposing view is permitted to be printed so the public gets

more than one view.

Following the pronouncement by the Roman Catholic bishops of Alabama

and Mississippi that Biblical Fundamentalism is like Adolf Hitler's

Nazi Germany should be a note in every newspaper in America stating

that during the holocaust, Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler had a concordat

with the Roman Catholic Pope--throughout the entire operation. Also,

every leader in the Nazi party including Joseph Goebbels, Hermann

Goering, and Heinrich Himmler were baptized and confilmed Catholics,

including their leader himself.

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