The State Of The Vatican

Anyone familiar with history knows that the Roman Catholic Church is

primarily a political organization with totalitarian designs. For

those gullible, naive Americans who think that the Pope is a Christian

pastoring a church, here is some of the old whore's work in a magazine

called Family, which is advertised as the "magazine of military wives"

(Sept. 15, 1989, p. 18).

"The Vatican City State {did you get that word: "state"?}, among other

things, operates its own bank, post office, pharmacy, and commissary,

employing nearly two thousand people, of which three hundred have

Vatican citizenship. The Vatican has its own flag {did you get that?},

its own diplomatic corps {did you get that?}, and its own army {did

you get that?}. The state's internal powers are organized much like

those of other nations {did you get that?}. Legislative regulations

within the governing structure are issued by the Supreme Pontifical

Commission for the Administration of the State of Vatican City and by

the Governor of the State {p. 34}. The judicial power resides in one

judge, the Court of First Instance, a Court of Appeal, and a Court of

Cessation, which operate in the name of the Pontiff. The executive

power is delegated to the Pontifical Commission. On these bodies

depend the various administrative and technical offices and services."

The Vatican is a state, it is a nation, with political ambitions.

Today the Vatican, tomorrow the world. At least that is what is most

famous member said. Adolph Hitler was born, raised, sprinkled, and

confirmed Roman Catholic.

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