Catholic Truths From a Catholic

From Paul Nixon, the General Secretary of the West Mercia Roman

Mission, 75 Ford Lane, Crew, England, comes this very interesting

article which tells you what neither the pope nor the press are going

to tell you.

"What is wrong with the church in the present day? Clearly many

things. A few examples will suffice to show that many grievous

problems afflict the church, not only from without, which is common,

but also from within."

(From here on in the article we will insert the word "Catholic" before

the word church, because as you know, all news media writers, and all

Catholic writers when they say "the church" are never referring to the

Body of Christ, or any church in the Bible. They are always referring

to the Roman Catholic heirarchy, and the members which are in

subjection to the Catholic heirarchy. The term "the church" is an

extremely misleading term, so we will help them out by defining it as

we go.)

"In the last twenty years at least 70,000 priests have given up their

ministry, many to marry. Vast numbers of seminaries have closed every

year, more convents close down, baptisms decline, mass attendance

nationwide is dropping by over 25,000 a year."

Now this, of course, is truth. The truth is the whole Catholic system

is falling apart religiously, while the pope gains strength

politically. That is the truth.

"For many Catholics, confession is a thing of the past, faith grows

weak, many Catholics especially in the teaching orders of catechetists

no longer believe much of the teaching of the church. At least a

generation of Catholics have grown up since the Second Vatican Council

who have a hazy grasp of the faith, and certainly have not been taught

many of the unchangeable truths of God. Such as Jesus is God, what we

receive at holy communion is actually the true body of God made man,

and must be adored as our creator, no human action can ever dissolve

the completed Christian marriage, the Catholic church communed with

Rome and the mystical body of Christ are one of the same thing, that

death is the separation of our body and our soul, that each soul

immediately after death appears before the judgment seat of God and

then goes to heaven, purgatory or hell."

And there they are. Those are the root doctrines of the Roman

Catholic church.

The writer goes on: "Ecumenism is a new religion. It is very much

opposed to many Catholic doctrines. Firstly, it is a doctrine

revealed by God which we must believe for eternal salvation, that the

church of Christ is the Roman Catholic Church. THOSE WHO DO NOT



Now that is a Catholic telling the truth. The pope is not going to

tell you the truth. But that bird will. That is the General

Secretary for a Roman Catholic mission in England. The truth is,

there are millions of Roman Catholics who are completely nominal, and

know nothing about their religion at all. Their beliefs about their

religion are determined by the pope's political speeches that the news

media reports. The truth is, the doctrinal teaching of the popes

haven't changed any. In order to be pope, all popes have to confess

the Tridentine Confession, where they swear by God that the most

important and holy council the Catholic church ever assembled was The

Council of Trent. The Council of Trent makes it clear that every

Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Jew, and Episcopalian is damned.

The thing is, in the new religion ecumenism, the pope just

conveniently keeps his mouth shut. His "under lieutenants," like Paul

Nixon of the Roman Catholic Mission, know how the land lies.

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