Catholicism And Communism Don't Mix

Many years ago, Ho Chi Minh said, "If you withdraw, we will release

the prisoners," and at the Paris Peace Talks the gullible Americans

said, "If you release the prisoners, we will withdraw." Ho Chi Minh

out-waited them; they withdrew, and he kept the prisoners. You have a

hard time fooling Shem. Shem is not like Japheth. The Roman Catholic

church has never been able to get a real foothold in Japan. When the

Japanese caught the Jesuit "missionaries" trying to take over the

Japanese government, they crucified a bunch of them back in the

seventeenth century and they went down in history as martyrs, kind of

like Mother Teresa.

The latest news report from the Reuters Dispatch (Sept. 6, 1989) says,

"Pope John Paul II had been denied permission to fly over China when

he visits Asia next month. Red China does not allow its Roman

Catholics to recognize him as the leader of the church."

Ah, so! Wisdom! Honolable Pope tly too many tlicks if allowed to

contlol Chinese people. The Red Chinese may be Communist, but they

know a competitor when they see one. All popes are totalitarian

dictators. They put Karl Marx out of business.

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