The Catholic Rainbow

The other day we received a very interesting color photograph of a

large "bumper sticker" (about twice the size of a regular bumper

sticker, pasted up in the window), that Catholics in San Antonio have

been sporting for the last few months. The thing that makes this

colored sticker so interesting is, it uses the rainbow of the New Age

Movement as a background and then pictures three people that Catholics

love on the rainbow. The inscription in Spanish and English says,

"please respect our religious beliefs, we worship God {ONE}, and love

the Blessed Virgin Mary {TWO} and the Pope and our neighbors {THREE}."

Then it says, "Dear Brother, the Catholic Church awaits you with open

arms," and the picture is Jesus Christ with open arms in the middle of

the rainbow. Then it says, "unity in the work of service, building up

the body of Christ."

The rainbow is so fixed that in the very center of the rainbow at the

head is a cartoon of Christ with his arms open towards you. Then on

His right hand side is a picture of the Virgin Mary, counterfeiting

the woman of Revelation 12, clothed in the sun with the moon under her

feet, which as anyone knows, is plagiarism against Israel.

On Christ's left is the other member of the Trinity. Who is it? It's

the old bloody killer himself, Pope John Paul II. The reason this is

so interesting is that the theologians from Alexandria, Egypt, at the

first Council of Nicea, thought that the Trinity was God the Father,

God the Son, and Mary (representing the Holy Spirit). The famous

inscription over Christ's head in the Catholic pictures ("IHS")

represented the Egyptian trinity of Isis, Horus, and Seb. The new

trinity is God the Son (Jesus Christ), God the Holy Spirit (Mary), and

God the Father. The only person who possibly can be called by the

title of deity, the "Holy Father" himself, not the Father of Jesus

Christ, but John Paul II. This is the New Age Movement in San


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