Our Lady

(Notre Dame)

Called to Preach

From The Columbus Dispatch, we read the following advertisement; it is

printed over a photograph of the face of a statue of Mary. "Our Lady

invited you to a presentation of messages, Sunday, May 5th, at Six

Pence School sponsored by Messengers of Our Lady, Box 15773, Columbus,

Ohio. Since 1970, our Blessed Lady and her divine Son appeared to

Mrs. Veronica Lueken, mother of five children, during rosary vigils

in New York City. Our lady predicts WWIII plus a fiery comet

chastisement leading to the death of 3.5 billion humans, unless man

reforms. Rosaries and brown scapulars all blessed by Jesus and Mary

with powers of cure and conversion, free admission, all welcome."

No thanks, I plan a fishing trip.

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