The driving out of the devil in cases of possession according to a special

rite of the Church. The priest must have the express consent of his Bishop

to perform an exorcism. Lesser exorcisms, which do not imply possession,

are performed in the exorcism of salt and water in the making of the Holy



From USA TODAY, 3/6/90. "Outspoken Cardinal John O'Connor of New York

surprised theologians when he said Sunday there have been two exorcisms in

the New York archdiocese in recent months.

"`We hope, as far as we know, they have been successful,' he said in his

sermon at St. Patrick's Cathedral. He gave no details of the exorcisms.

"`If you asked most bishops in the country "Who is your exorcist?" they

probably wouldn't have one. It's an ad hoc thing,' said Rev. James

Burtchell, theology professor at Notre Dame University. `Probably a number

of bishops would be surprised to hear there were two in New York.'"

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