In Roman Catholic art, Jesus is often shown with His heart exposed. This is

called the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Devotion to the Sacred Heart was unknown

for centuries.

From THE DEVOTION OF OUR TIME, Sacred Heart League, Imp. Joseph Brunini.

pages 10ff. "In October, 1672, mainly because of the inspirational writings

of St. John Eudes, the Sacred Heart of Jesus was publicly honored for the

first time in a solemn liturgical celebration.

"St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, born in France in 1647, between 1673 and

1675 received apparitions from Jesus, the most important being the twelve

promises of the Sacred Heart given to those who go to Communion for nine

consecutive first Fridays.

"They are: (1) Necessary graces for life; (2) Peace in their families;

(3) Consolation in pains and trials; (4) Refuge in life and death; (5)

Abundant blessings on all undertakings; (6) sinners will find infinite

mercy; (7) Lukewarm souls will become fervent; (8) Fervent souls will rise

to greater perfection; (9) Blessings on house with Sacred Heart is honored;

(10) Priests will move hardest hearts; (11) Names forever written on my

heart; (12) No limit to graces for those souls that seek for graces in my


In 1794 Pope Pius VI approved the devotions to the Sacred Heart. Margaret

Mary was beatified in 1864 and canonized in 1920.

From HOW TO AVOID PURGATORY. "If one says, `Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place

my trust in thee' 1000 times a day, as many do, he gains 300,000 days

indulgence each day." (Ed: If this were continued for 60 years, 18 million

years indulgence would be gained.)

From DEVOTION OF OUR TIME, Sacred Heart League, Walls, MS 38680. "The

doctrine on which the devotion to the Sacred Heart rests is this quotation

from the Bible: `God is Love.'"


In 1977, 50 bishops met in Italy to discuss whether waning devotion to the

Sacred Heart be allowed to follow its course or be revived. Cardinal

Carberry of St. Louis urged use of the Rosary to express devotion to the

Sacred Heart. One priest blamed modern Roman Catholic thinking which looks

down on ancient traditions; another described new Christologies which

militate against the Sacred Heart.

From READ ME OR RUE IT by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan. Imp. Joanner Timotheus,

Archiepiscopus, Cincinnatenesis, 8/22/25. Re-printed 11/2/74 by National

Centre for Padre Pio, 11 N. Whitehall Rd., Norristown, PA 19403.

"Many people have the custom of saying 500 or 1,000 times each day the

little ejaculation "Sacred Heart of Jesus I place my trust in thee." Those

who say ejaculations 1,000 times a day gain 300,000 days Indulgence. What a

multitude of souls they can thus relieve. (Ed-although Indulgences are no

longer given a time value, saying this ejaculation 1,000 times a day for 50

years would have merited 15,000,000 YEARS. If only 1% of the world's

Catholics did this, the total would have been 135,000,000,000,000 years

indulgence. But this still does not equal the infinite merits of Christ.)"

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