One of the seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. It is a partaking

of Jesus in the form of a Host at Mass or Holy Viaticum.

Roman Catholics must taken communion at least once a year.

At the consecration during Mass, the Host becomes Jesus Christ. After

the sacrifice is completed (when the priest consumes the wafer), the

faithful are urged to receive Holy Communion. From about 600 to 1977, the

Host was placed on the tongue by the priest. It is now permissible to

receive Holy Communion in the hand.

Most of the time, the people receive only the wafer; however, receiving

communion in both kinds (bread and wine) is increasing in progressive Roman

Catholic circles.


When administering Communion, Pope John Paul II has been seen to refuse to

give it into the hand of a communicant and then to place it on the tongue.

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