"The remission of sin and recovery of sanctifying grace by an act of

perfect contrition or in the Sacrament of Penance; or the initial infusion

of sanctifying grace at Baptism" (CATHOLIC ALMANAC, page 291).

The Roman Catholic concept is a justification that may be undone by

committing a mortal sin. They believe Justification by Faith is having

faith that God will infuse the Grace necessary for the person to attain or

merit salvation.

From Perfect Contrition, Rev. J. Von Den Driesch, Imp. Archbishop

Glennon, p. 18. "This great Council (Trent) teaches, `Perfect contrition

... justifies man and reconciles him to God.'"


Judicial finality is the essence of New Testament Justification: Greek

dikaioo, to render (show or regard as) just or innocent. The faith is in

the finished work of redemption in Christ as the sole ground for our being

regarded not guilty.

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