From THE CATHOLIC VOICE, 12/31/79: "With the approval of Pope John Paul II,

the Vatican has stripped a noted Swiss-born religious thinker, Father Hans

Kueng, of the right to teach and declared that he can no longer be

considered a Catholic theologian. The 51 year old scholar has been accused

of denying papal infallibility as defined by the First Vatican Council.

Father Kueng has not been ex-communicated and still remains a priest."

In the same issue, an editorial says: "Americans are very sensitive to

seeing misuse of power and to situations where due process seems to be

absent. The recent decisions by the Vatican Congregation of the Faith in

the case of German Jesuit Hans Kueng cause a great deal of anxiety and

concern to many Americans, Protestants included. Unfortunately, the stereo-

typed conservative rejoices that these gentlemen have been put in their

places and exposed for their unorthodox thinking and writing. The stereo-

typed liberal, on the other hand, has his suspicions confirmed that beneath

the charismatic smile of our new pope is a close-minded conservative who is

too Polish and who is trying to run the Church in a gestapo-like manner."

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