In Roman Catholic theology, any interpretation not authorized by the

Church. They use the example of the Pharisees, who quoted scripture but had

wrong interpretations.


Private interpretation is forbidden by God (II Peter 1:20-21). The Greek

word for private is idios, one's self. All human interpretation is wrong,

because it was the Holy Spirit Who authored the Word. Therefore there is

only one Authorized Teacher of the Bible, the Holy Spirit (John 14:26; I

Corinthians 2:13; I John 2:27).

It is impossible for unconverted men to correctly interpret scripture.

Popes and Church Councils are condemned by God because they interpret

privately (John 7:17).

The reason for varying interpretation on minor points among Christians

is that the truth coming from the Holy Spirit is pure, but finds expression

through men who are more or less imperfect and thus, to some extent, His

teaching is corrupted.

Appeal to "infallible" popes is fruitless. Popes have erred and Roman

Catholic theology is always open to revision or development.

In actual fact, the Roman Catholicn church has only defined the meanings

of seven scriptures, John 3:5, 20:22,23; James 5:14; Luke 22:19; Romans

5:12; I Cor 11:24. Therefore, when a Roman Catholic apologist uses

scripture, we can ask him if he knows what that scripture really means. He

will have to say no, as the church has only defined the above seven.

Therefore he must privately interpret that Bible verse.

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