Pope Benedict XIV stated that Assumption of Mary was a probable option,

which is impious to deny, but it was not then made an article of faith (a

dogma that must be believed under pain of mortal sin).

After centuries of debate among theologians, on November 1, 1950, Pope

Pius XII defined that the Blessed Virgin Mary was assumed into Heaven, body

and soul, where she was crowned Queen of Heaven.

Details have not been defined. Many say she died, not because of her

sin, but because of her burden for lost souls. Others say she was assumed

at the very moment of her death, and others put forth the legend that she

was assumed up to 206 days after she died. They all agree (and must

believe) that she was assumed into Heaven and that, with her Son at her

side, she was welcomed and crowned Queen.

The scripture used is Romans 6:23 (her sinless body could not see

corruption, so, rather than allow people to venerate her intact body on

earth, God brought her to Heaven).


Any undue exaltation of Mary is repulsive to a Christian who desires to see

the Lord Jesus Christ alone exalted (Philippians 2:10,11). See Jeremiah

44:17 concerning "Queen of Heaven."

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