Roman Catholics who don't agree with the innovations of Vatican II and

generally disagree with ecumenism. They prefer the 16th century Tridentine

Mass in Latin. One group even branded Paul VI as "anti-christ" because he

had committed the "abomination of desolations" by allowing Mass in the

common tongue (Church of St. Joseph, 7/30/72).

The leader of the most influential traditionalist group, the Society of

Pius X, is Marcel Lefebvre, an Archbishop who has openly defied the Pope by

conducting the Old Mass. The Pope suspended him, but he continued

celebrating the Tridentine Mass to thousands and ordaining priests. In

November, 1978, Pope John Paul II had a meeting with Lefebvre, but the

outcome was not publicized.

On May 16, 1983, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was quoted by THE CATHOLIC

VOICE that he expected a Vatican decree that would come closer to accepting

his position regarding the liturgy.

In July 1987, Lefebvre met with Cardinal Ratzinger, but the results were

not publicized.

From VERBUM, (publication of Society of Pius X), Fall 1989 re new

seminarians, "Giving Their All To Gain Heaven."

From VERBUM, Winter 1989/90 re disobedience to the pope, "Look upon a

picture of the crucifixion. If St. John, Our Blessed Mother, and the other

holy women at the foot of the cross had followed the first Pope on that

Good Friday, the only mortal in attendance would have been the soldier with

the lance."


THE CHICAGO TIMES reported (10/15/84) that Pope John Paul II had decided to

allow Roman Catholics to resume celebrating Mass using 16th century Latin

liturgy, but only in a strictly controlled number of cases.



by Bill Jackson

Since the Traditionalist movement is very much against the ecumenical

movement, and the ecumenical movement must end Satan's super-Church which

will use Romanism as its structure, how can the Traditionalists fit into

any ecumenical scheme? At first glance, it seems that this movement must

pale into insignificance and eventually evaporate if ecumenical plans are

to be completed.

This, however, may not be the case. There is no doubt about it, the

Traditionalists are the real Roman Catholics. How can the Roman Catholic

structure become truly ecumenical if it is really Traditionmal Romanism

that is true Romanism?

Archbishop Lefebvre has no intention of forming a group of maverick

priests that will do sniper duty at the fringes of Romanism forever. The

whole desire of the Traditionalist leaders is to keep intact a band of true

Traditional Catholic priests who will be the core of the papacy that

Traditionalists are looking for, a true Roman Catholic papacy with a strong

Traditionalist pope. Prophetically, it is impossible to determine when this

might happen. It may be that pope John Paul II, a relative conservative to

his three previous counterparts but a liberal when compared with his

successor, will wring all the juice out of the ecumenical movement and get

as many groups to jump on the band wagon. He may die just before December

25, 2000, and the new pope will give the 2000th birthday present to Christ

of much of the world.

This world will include many who came in under the ecumenism of John

Paul II, most of whom will probably stay even after a true Roman pope

appears on the scene. Global disaster, possibly caused as a result of the

Rapture, may contribute to this. In any case, all the anathemas of Trent

will be reinforced, and the Papacy will head a world crusade to complete

the super-Church. This will be by force and with great persecution. The

Inquisition will bring forth all weapons to make the world Catholic.

Satan will view this as a "millennium", and plans to keep it going for

1000 years. If we are here, true Christians will know it as a time of

unparalleled tribulation. Whether or not the true Church will be on earth

at this time is up to God to figure out. It may be Satanic tribulation

which is a harbinger of the Great Tribulation. But any thought along this

line demands careful study of the Traditionalist movement, for even though

they are out of the mainstream today, they will probably become the core of

the Romanism that brings about the one world church.

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