From A GUIDE FOR CONFESSION by Francis Connell, C.Ss.R. Imp Bishop Busch.

p. 24. "(A direct abortion) is if the living fetus is removed because the

mother is suffering from heart trouble, kidney trouble, pernicious vomiting

or tuberculosis. Concerning such an abortion, the Holy Father said, `To

save the life of the mother is a most noble end, but the direct killing of

the child as a means is not licit.'"


From CHRISTIAN NEWS, 10/17/88. "The abortion rate among Roman Catholic

women is 30% higher than that of Protestant women, according to a recent

survey conducted by The Alan Guttmacher Institute. Evangelical women are

half as likely as other Christian women to have abortions. The research

also found that unmarried women are four to five times more likely to have

abortions than married women, and those living with their partners are nine

times more likely to have an abortion."


From ORLANDO SENTINEL, 4/10/90. "Cardinal John J. O'Connor defended the

Roman Catholic Church's hiring of a public relations concern to carry on an

anti-abortion campaign.

"O'Connor said last week U.S. Roman Catholic bishops had engaged a

public relations concern, Hill & Knowlton, and a polling company, the

Wirthlin Group, to do a campaign opposing abortion.

"... some reports have said the bishops are expected to spend $3 million

to $5 million."


by Dr. Bill Jackson

(Available in tract form from C.E.C., Box 99141, Louisville, KY 40269)

Every human being that has a true concern for the welfare of all other

human beings is thankful for every pro-life movement that exists. We, as

Christians, who know something of the eternal nature of life, are

especially thankful to God for every baby that has been saved from a

violent murder.

In any emergency situation (and the abortion issue is an emergency

situation) we cannot require people who are aiding the cause of right to

agree on all points with other crusaders. If a building were burning and a

bucket brigade were formed, a Christian would not feel obliged to quiz each

person down the line to be sure that all members of the bucket brigade were


If a Christian were crusading for something he defines as specifically

and uniquely Christian, he would only be justified in co-operating with

Christians to pursue the course. While the pro-life movement is to many a

Christian crusade, it is not uniquely Christian any more than putting out a

fire in a Christian church building is a task to which we would call only

truly converted people.

If a pro-life organization were formed calling itself CHRISTIANS AGAINST

ABORTION, we, as Bible-believing Christians would not be able to join

unless the requirement for joining was a biblically-based salvation.

Othwerwise we would be severely compromising the person and work of our

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Even though we must feel an obligation to save the lives of the unborn,

there are some very definite guidelines for Christians.


Roman Catholics were pioneers in the pro-life movement and much of the

material they produce is excellent. But the Bible plainly tells us that

people can be very zealous for God but not saved (Romans 10:1,2). Today,

many progressive and charismatic Catholics will employ terminologies that

sound very Christian, but with all their profession of being born again,

trusting Christ only, being saved by grace or justified by faith, there is

still, if they are Roman Catholics, an adherence to a system that denies a

completed salvation and the assurance that comes from this infinite work.

They might even say the Mass has infinite value for salvation, and then

deny this by continuing to participate in this celebration weekly. We have

to learn to look beyond what is said to know what is really meant, and

thereby be able to discern the need for the Gospel message.

I already hear some of you saying "Judge not." Yet in the context of

this command, we are told we should cast the mote out of our brother's eye,

and to do that we must see clearly. Further, we are told in John 7:24 to

judge righteous judgments. A Christian must be able to know the difference

between a false gospel and the true (Galatians 1:7-9), and our whole

mission in the world of preaching the truth must be based on the ability to

discern between truth and error (I John 4:6).

Not because wyou desire to narrowly judge him, but because you are loyal

to the Lord Jesus and obedience to His Commission, do not assume they are

Christians because they are pro-life.


The Great Commission is "to all men" and "to all the world." We cannot

all go everywhere, but wherever we go we should be proclaiming the Gospel.

One of the places we go is to a pro-life meeting, and we should consider

that part of the world Jesus spoke of.

The opportunities and methods of bringing the Gospel message will vary

from place to place and from time to time. Leaving a tract with your tip

may be one way of preaching the Gospel in the restaurant; in some places

speaking may be inappropriate, and there will be some situations where you

don't have a relationship that would lend itself to a thorough Gospel

message. Your life as a Christian should still be geared to the living out

of the Conmmission of ther One you love, the Lord Jesus Christ.

A friend recently told of her previous lack of Gospel witnessing in pro-

life circles. She stated that pro-life began to crowd out every other

motive for living, and even put her witnessing for Christ in second place.

What turned her around was realizing that every Christian should long for

opportunity to present the Gospel message to people with whom you have a

good relationship and therefore are more likely to listen to you. At the

pro-life meeting, God had placed her among dozens of folks who needed to

hear. She is now determined to witness for Christ at pro-life meetings.

Of course., you might say that you still have qualms about proclaiming

the Gospel to these good, sincere people, but unless they hear the Gospel

and put their trust in Christ, they will be eternally lost. Are you willing

to let them go to Hell because they are so concerned about the rights of

the unborn?


Is it morally excusable to be responsible for bringing a child into the

world and make no provision for that child's hearing the Gospel? God proved

the fallacy of this lack by providing for man's salvation before man's

creation. While no one would consider desiring abortion because the aborted

baby would go to Heaven and the unaborted chuild might live a full life and

spend eternity in Hell, this thought should help us get our priorities


The greatest thing that can happen is for the mother to be evangelized

and saved. Recently I met a young lady who, when unsaved, was planning an

abortion. She was contacted by Christians who persuaded her to keep her

baby and who led her to the Lord. Later, the father was also saved. So

instead of three lives - one wrecked, one murdered and one unsaved - we

have a Christian family with a positive testimonty of God's grace.

If you are so pro-life that you don't realize, as a friend recently

said, that the untimate pro-life is pro-eternal-life, you may put saving

the baby as your first priority. If you continue along this line, you will

become so obsessed with pro-life that evangelism will finally fade out of

the picture. Now you are bringing babies into the world that will have even

less of a chance of hearing the Gospel. Will they thank us in eternity?

Close relationships develop between mothers who are saved the horrors of

aborting their children and pro-life workers, and it should not be

difficult to conduct a thorough follow-up program aimed at reaching that

mother and family for Christ. We as Christians have so much more than pro-

life to offer. Are we going to help them receive physical life and not tell

them of our blessed Saviour? Perhaps this thorough follow-up will seem to

curtail the numbers involved in pro-life ministry, but the first

consideration should be to do that which is right to do, and it is very

possible our having a more biblically-based pro-life stance will encourage

others to join the "PRO-ETERNAL-LIFE" movement.

As a pro-life person, you can have "the best of both worlds." You can be

actively engaged in a ministry to help bewildered, frightened mothers to

save the lives of their babies, so that these helpless unborn people will;

come, through the ministry of pro-life, into this beautiful world God has

created for them.

You can also have the ministry of helping those lost mothers, their

still innocent babies and others who have a heart for the humanitarian work

of anti-abortion to be brought, through the ministry of pro-eternal-life,

to the glorious place Jesus is preparing for His own; a world that will

know no sin, no sadness, no murder of the unborn - God's final home for His

redeemed creation.

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