Pope Innocent III ordered a crusade against the Albigenses in 1208 which

resulted in the extermination and dispersal of this group. Recent Roman

Catholic history of the Albigenses attributes to them the belief in two

gods, denial of the sacraments, denial of the humanity of Christ and denial

of the authority of the Church and State. They are supposed to have

believed that marriage and its use were wrong, forbidding concubinage and

abortion. Suicide was permissible; meat and wine forbidden, and they are

said to have believed in the transmigration of souls.

From NEVER FAILING LIGHT, R.M. Stephens, p. 31,32. "No sect has been more

vilified by the Roman Catholics than the Cathari (Albigenses). They are

represented as being infested with the Manichean heresy (2nd century) who

believed in two gods, one resonsible for good and the other for evil. These

two gods were held to be in perpetual conflict.

"To attribute this teaching to the Albigenses is a travesty of the truth

due either to malevolence or ignorance of spiritual truth."

(For more information, see NOBLE ARMY OF "HERETICS", published by C.E.C.)

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