From THE SACRAMENTS by Rev. Connel, C.SS.R., page 15. "St. Stanislaus

Kostka received Holy Communion from an angel, and the same miraculous favor

was granted to St. Gerard Magella. Their existence is an article of faith,

supported by Holy Scripture and uninterrupted Christian tradition. Today

theology is restudying the whole question of angels and devils. Perhaps

scripture simply presuposses angels and devils as part of the biblical

milieu, rather than directly affirming their actual existence as part of

God's revelation. Nor does the existence of angels seem to be a part of the

strictly dogmatinc teaching of the Church."


In December 1989 "Catholic Answers" newsletter, it stated that "the good

angels...are absolutely sinless." Two pages earlier, it had stated that

Raphael, an angel, had deliberately lied (Tobit 5:4,5).

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