Unapproved apparitions were taking place in Necedah, Wisconsin until 1985

and up to the present (1990) in Bayside, New York.

From ROSES, the publication from Baydside, 6/30/84. "Regarding apparitions

that have not been approved by the Church, Pope Urban VIII, who reigned

upon the throne of Peter from 1623 to 1644, once had this to say, `In cases

like this (apparitions), it is better to believe than not to believe, for,

if you believe and it is proven true, you will be happy that you believed,

because our Holy Mother asked it. If you believe, and it should be proven

false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you

believed it to be true."

A decree took effect on 3/29/67, abrogating Canon 1399 which prohibited

publication of books that dealt with unapproved revelations, visions,

prophecies and miracles. Also abrogated was Canon 2318, which carried

penalties for those violating Canon 1399.

The decree was signed by Cardinal Ottaviani and his Secretayry.

It said, "It is permitted for Catholics to frequent places of

apparitions, even those not recognized by the Ordinaries of the diocese or

by the Holy Father."



Vol. 2, No. 2, December 1988. "BARRETT STATION, Texas. More than 1,000

people have flocked to a suburban firewood yard since Christmas Eve,

sometimes standing vigil until dawn, to see a glowing light and what some

claim to be images of the Virgin Mary or Jesus.

The reported appearance of a light amid logs and stacks of bundled

firewood has drawn increasingly larger crowds each night of this

predominantly black community a few miles northeast of Houston."

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