Charles Chiniquy was a Roman Catholic priest who later was saved and wrote

FIFTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME. Even though his testimony is genuine

and was brought on as a result of frequent Bible reading in his youth,

some Roman Catholic writers have tried to villify him.


From RADIO REPLIES, Frs. Rumble and Carty. "Father Chiniquy was a French

Catholic who was ordained a priest in 1843. On September 28, 1851, he was

suspended from priestly duties for immoral conduct. He left for the United

States, and persuaded a bishop there to give him another chance. But that

Bishiop had to expel him in 1856. He appealed to another Bishop, but was

not accepted. He finally persuaded the Bishop of Chicago to re-instate

him, but was again expelled. Then, having made himself impossible with

every Catholic Bishop, he went to a hotel and, after a night of agony and

distress over his abandonment by the Catholic Church, he says he saw the

light from Heaven fall upon him and he saw clearly that the Roman Church

was wrong, and that salvation lay with the Protestants.

"In 1862 the Protestant Synod of Chicago expelled him for

misappropriation nof funds. The American Presbyterians accepted and then

expelled him for embezzelment. After that, he became a Orange Lodge

lecturer against Rioman Catholicism.

"At the time of his death, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Montreal most

charitably offered him forgivenmess and reconciliation." (It is not stated

in RADIO REPLIES whether he accepted this forgiveness.)


I have visited the Presbyterian Church in St. Anne, Illinois, the church

that Chiniquy founded when he left the Catholic Church. I saw a plaque

commemorating Chiniquy's pastoring that church from 1858, when he left the

Church of Rome, until 1888, a period of 30 years (during which time RADIO

REPLIES says he was with several Protestant groups and was dismissed, in

disgrace, from all of them.

Just befopre he died, Chiniquy made this notarized statement, "I commit

my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my Creator, by the mediation of

Jesus Christ alone, my Divine Redeemer, whose merits are infinite. I

cannot return to the bondage of Rome."

In a reply to Dr. Charles Hodge published in THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES

(10/31/53), Chiniquy wrote, "After twenty-five years of experience and

study as a priest of Rome, I do not know a single truth which that

apostate church has kept intact and unmixed with the most diabolical and

damnable error."

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