From FAITH, Editor Rev. Hololloway, S.T.L., Portslade, England. "The demand

for `communion in the hand' did not derive from any genuine demand or need

from the people. It came from the same group of sophisticated neo-modernist

intellectuials and priests who have been active in denying

transubstantiation and are for the most part in open defection from the

full doctrine, and even more, from the full morals of the Roman Catholic

Church. It ought therefore to be more strenouously resisted, and the snide

practice of doing away with the altar rails, on specious pseudo-liturgical

pretexts, with it. Holy Communion for the general goods is given the most

reverently, kneeling, and taken with devotion upon the tongue."


From WARNINGS FROM THE BEYOND, a supposed dialogue between exorcising

priests and demons, circulated by Our Lady of Roses, Bayside, NY.

"Exorcist: `What is the story about Communion in the hand in the

earliest times of the Church?'

"Demon: `Christ - we saw it ourselves at the time - when He broke the

Bread, did not give It into the hands of the Apostles. He put the Bread

directly into the mouths ot the Apostles. The Apostles gave Holy Communion

in the mouth. If later they did receive It in ther hand, it was because

they had the wrong understanding of things.'

"E: `Who did want to introduce Communion in the hand?'

"D: `It is we who schemed and plotted for that. We said to ourselves,

"If we can manage to introduce Communion in then hand among the early

Christians, then later on we will be able to say, `There was Communion in

the hand previously in the time of the first Christians.'"

"`However, Communion in the mouth was brought back. Certain leading

saints and very great Doctors of the Church saw clearly where this was

leading, and that it would be better and there would be more respect if He

up there were received in the mouth.'"

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