From CHRISTIAN NEWS, 9/26. "Marxist Zimbabwe's one-party Communist regime

is headed by former guerilla leader Robert Mugabe who is a Marxist and a

Catholic. Pope John Paul II in a recent visit there praised Zimbabwe as a

model Christian nation."

From FOUNDATION, 1-3/88. "The Vatican and Kremlin leaders are jockeying for

position and power as the vie for world influence. Pope John Paul II would

like to visit the Soviet Union (something no other pope has ever done); and

Gorbachev wants to visit Italy which has the largest Communist party in the

West. In the past, Catholicism has had the reputation of being strongly

anti-communist, but now Roman Catholic priests are leading Communist

revolutionary groups in many areas of the world. Of course, Soviet leader

Mikhail Gorbachev's new strategies of 'openness' and 'change' would make it

advantageous for him to hold out the 'olive branch' of peace at this time.

True believers should realize that Pope John Paul II and Mikhail Gorbachev

are two of Satan's most deceptive 'angels of light.' Both should be

recognized as enemies of the Gospel and promoters of Satan's false peace

program which is paving the way for the coming of the antichrist."


From TIME, 12/4/89. CROSS MEETS KREMLIN. Gorbachev's historic visit to Pope

John Paul II seals a truce after 72 years of bitter spiritual warfare. " .

. .John Paul helped inflame the fervor for freedom in his Polish homeland

that has swept like brush fire across Eastern Europe ... In 1981 Pope John

Paul barely ecaped assasination. It is believed in the highest circles of

the Vatican that Gorbachev's Kremlin predecessors were the masterminds,

though the Soviet's deny this. The reason for the attack, claims a ranking

official of the Holy See, was that the Polish Pope refused to accept the

division of Europe into East and West. ... While Gorbachev's hands-off

policy was the immediate cause of the chain reaction of liberation that has

swept through Eastern Europe in the past few months, John Paul deserves

much of the longer-range credit."

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