From CATHOLIC NEW YORK, 3/12/87. "`There are divine laws which give us

life; we don't believe they can be changed' said Cardinal O'Connor,

explaining the suspension of the weekly Masses sponsored by the homosexual

organization, Dignity.

"In remarks after MMass at St. Patrick's Cathedral last Sunday, the

cardinal said that homosexuals are welcome to participate in regular parish

Masses or those sponsored by the group Courage, an organization for

homosexual Catholics which encourages them to lead celibate lives. `We are

not throwing anyone out of the Church,' the Cardional said.

"The night before (March 7, 1987) more than 1,000 people gathered for the

final Dignity Mass at St. Francis Xavier Church, a Jesuit-run parish.

"The pastor, Michael E. Donohue told the congregation, `This is a sad

day in the life of our parish community.'"

From CATHOLIC NEW YORK, 4/30/87. "In a full-page ad in Newsweek, Dignity

USA criticized the Catholic Church's stand on homosexuality and asked

bishops to stop expelling its local chapters from Church facilities.

"Jesus said nothing about homosexuality, the ad said, but the Vatican

last fall called homosexual activity an `intrinsically moral evil.'"

A homosexual priest in Philadelphia admitted his sex preference during an

interview on TV but stated he didn't practice homosexuality `because he was



From THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, 11/8/86. "An attorney for three teenaged boys

who say they were sexually molested by a Catholic priest over four years

said Friday he expects the cases to be tried in Brevard County (FL) by


From NSIPS, 11/8/86. "The Vatican has warned a self-professed homosexual

Jesuit priest, John McNeill, that he may be expelled from his religious

order unless he caceases his active suypport for `gay causes.' Father

McNeill is a founder of a gropup called `Dignity', described as a `Catholic

Gay Rights organization.'

"McNeill blames Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger."

From THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, 2/7/87. "`When I came into religious life in the

1950s, I came in as an absolute innocent' he said. `I never set foot in a

gay bar until I was 29.' The man talking to a reporter for THE BOSTION

GLOBE is a Roman Catholic priest. He has AIDS.

From THE MIAMI HERALD, 1/3/88. "The Roman Catholic Church in the United

States has been forced to pay millions of dollars in damages to families

who content that their children have been sexually abused by priests. In

spite of that, the problem has grown so severe that many lawyers and

victims say the church ignores and covers up such cases.

"Church officials insist that a notorious 1985 Louisiana case in which a

priest molested at least 35 boys has taught them to deal firmly with the


"A three month investigation by The San Jose Mercury News reveals that

in more than 25 of the 185 dioceses across the country, including Florida,

church officials were guilty of at least one of the followinbg: failing to

notify authorities of abuse complaints, transferring molesting priests to

other parishes, ignoring parental complaints and disregarding the potential

damage to child victims - before, during and after the Louisiana case."

From SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 12/30/87. "At a time of heightened national

awareness of the problems olf child abuse, the Catholic Church in the

United States continues to ignore and cover up cases of priests who

sexually molest children, according to court records, internal church

documents, civil authorities and the children themselves.

"Millions of dollars in damages already have been paid to victims and

their families, and one 1986 church report estimated that the church's

liability could reach $1 billion over the next decade.

"`The sexual molesting of little boys by priests is the single most

serious problem we've had to face in centuries,' said Father Thomas Doyle,

a Dominican priest and canon lawyer who tried for two years to force the

U.S. Catholic Conference to deal with the issue.

"(California church officials) acknowledged two South Bay cases in

recent years. A Fremont priest resigned in 1982 after being accused of

fondling eight girls and before 1981, an unidentified Santa Clara priest

was sent away for psychiatric treatment for sexual attraction to children

and since has returned to the San Jose diocese.

"In Florida, the father of a 12-year-old girl fondled by a priest in

1983, was outraged by testimony that the same priest had been accused of

fondling two other girls six years earlier. "Their attitude toward a child

molester is, if he's not causing a problem - by that they mean a public

relations problem - they do nothing. If he's causing a problem, they move

him to another parish.'

"When the actions of such dioceses come to light, church officials often

lash back at their accusers as being anti-Catholioc. But the complaining

parents are almost always Catholics themselves, and often so are the

lawyers, prosecutors and the police officers who investigate.

"The Church has established treatment centers to deal with cases of

priests who repeatedly commit molestations. The Servants of the Paraclete

order in Nerw Mexico added a wing for pedophilic priests to its hospital.

"Dr. John Mooney of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

wrote, `Like any other institution that prohibits or prevents ordinary

heterosexual relationships, the church not only encourages homosexual

expression, but also becomes a magnet for youths who enter the priesthood

having already recognized their sexual status as ... homophilic pedophiles

attracted exclusively to younger boys.'"

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