From JOHN CARDINAL CODY'S MESSAGE, October 1981. "We have received many

inquiries about the Necedah situation. One of our members recently wrote to

the Bishop of the Diocese of LaCrosse, Wisconsin and received this answer

from Father John I. Nilles, Chancellor, dated August 3, 1981.

"`Thank you for your letter of 29 July concerning the authenticity of

apparitions of Mary Van Hoof. I am forwarding materials which clearly

indicate that the entire Necedah situation has been condemned by the Church

from the very beginning as a fraud.

"`His Excellency, Bishop Freking, would be nmost grateful if you

circulate this information among your friends. Prayer through Our Blessed

Mother is a laudable Catholic practice. These people are no longer

Catholic. Incidentally, the so-called Archbishop Stehlik mentioned in ther

6/7/79 article has recently broken with the Cult. He submitted to the

authority of the Church and called the operation at Necedah fakery.'"

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