Infallibility of the Church is proved by Luke 10:16, "He who hears you

hears me." This indicates the special teaching authority of the Apostles.

(Ed: Our Roman Catholic friends fail to notice that this is spoken to the

Seventy, not to the Twelve.)

Archbishop (later Cardinal) Cushing said in 1949, "The infallible dictum

which teaches that outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation, is

among the truths that the Church has always taught and will always teach."


From THE CHURCH, Catholic Enquiry Centre, #8, London NW3, "There are

hundreds of different Christian groups in the world. Although they do not

realize it, they are associated with the (Catholic) Church and do receive

Christ's life through her. There are many good Christians and holy people

separated from the Catholic Church. She gives life to many outside her


From an address by John Paul II to the WCC, Geneva, 6/12/84, "Certainly,

when the Catholic Church enters upon the difficult tasks of ecumenism, it

brings a conviction. Despite the moral afflictions which have marked the

life of its members and even of its leaders in the course of history, it is

convinced that in the ministry of the Bishop of Rome it has preserved the

visible pole and guarantee of unity in full fidelity to the apostolic

tradition and to the faith of the fathers.

"The Catholic Church believes, in fact, that the bishop who presides

over the life of the local Church made fruitful by the blood of Peter and

Paul, receives from the Lord the mission of remaining the witness to the

faith professed by these two leaders of the apostolic community and which,

by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, brings about the unity of believers. To be

in communion with the Bishop of Rome is to give visible evidence that one

is in communion with all who confess that same faith, with those who have

confessed it since Pentecost, and with those who will confess it until the

day of the Lord shall come. That is our conviction as Catholics and our

fidelity to Christ forbids us to renounce it."

From SEPARATED BRETHREN by William Whalen; Nihil Obstat: John Hardon, S.J.;

Imprimatur: John Bennett, D.D., Bishop of Lafayette, IN. page 17: "While

insisting that membership in the Catholic Church is the ordinary channel of

God's grace, Catholic theologians acknowledge that God is free to bestow

His grace on whom He will. The Jansenist proposition that `outside the

Church there is no grace' was long ago condemned by Rome even though the

grace which non-Catholics receive comes to them somehow in virtue of the

Catholic Church.

"Certainly the sincere Protestant Christian can receive the graces of

baptism and matrimony, sacraments which need not be administered by a

priest. True, the Protestant church in which he normally receives these is

a man-made institution. As such it cannot be the vehicle of these graces,

but de facto it is the occasion for the bestowal of these graces."


institution the structure dominates, in the movement, the cause. It can

hardly be denied that, certainly around the Mediterranean, a vast stream of

pagan elements have been kept alive for 2000 years which are foreign to the


"It is dishonest to say that a monastic community lives in poverty when

in fact it belongs to the most prominent landowners in the country. It is

false to say that Rome is poor when it is choking in tax-free wealth. It is

false to say that the institution cannot go wrong when the Reformation is

there to prove that it did go wrong. It is false to say that the Church has

always protected the poor when Italy and Sicily are crawling with sore-

infested humanity.

Boniface VIII in his bull, UNAM SANCTAM (11/18/1302), trying to provide

a theological basis for his exorbitant and unchristian claims in his

quarrel with Philip IV of France said, `There are two swords in the power

of the world and they both belong to the Church.'

"Visitors (to Roman Catholic churches) were introduced to tasteless

stautuary, holy water, concert-hall performances of the Mass, the whole

interspersed with patiently-dripping candles, where ritual gestures have

lost their 4th century meaning and where the people have given up

comprehension and surrendered themselves to passive assistance."

From CATHOLICS' READY REPLY, page 19, "You would expect the Church which

Christ founded would have the largest number of followers, wouldn't you?"

(see Matthew 7:13,14)


From a letter written in THE CATHOLIC VOICE, Oakland, CA. ". . . the

layman's authentic role in the Church - to pray, pay and obey."

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