The Cursillo (cur-see-yo) movement originated in Spain in 1947. The

official name, Cursillos in Christianity means "a short course in Christian


Founder Bishop Juan Hervas states, "The cursillo movement is aimed at

Christian renewal and to bringing to the Church a group of Christians

dedicated to living the life of Grace and working with all their strength

to bring others to live it."

The movement encourages evangelical-sounding words (born again,

salvation experience, receiving Christ) without the biblical basis for

salvation, the completed work of Jesus Christ on Calvary. Those who attend

cursillos (cursillistas) are encouraged to live their "Christian" lives

within the sacramental framework of Romanism; they are usually fervently

involved in the sacraments.

Terminologies Roman Catholics learn in cursillos confuse their

evangelical friends, who don't realize these terms have a different meaning

for Roman Catholics. In some cursillos, evangelical are recruited to share

this experience with their "Catholic brothers", and some are now being

conducted almost solely for Protestants as an ecumenical ploy.

The lay involvement promoted in Cursillos has greatly strengthened the


This movement is creating a "climate of tolerance" which supposes that

religious people can meet together in "love and unity," regardless of

totally different beliefs regarding Christ's finished redemption.

The national Cursillo movement has began a pilot program of

evangelization of non-Catholics called Arise. It is directed to the

unchurched and to members of other churches. The Arise program used a three-

day weekend of prayer, community experience and presentations by a team of

two priests and 14 laymen to examine the Catholic Church's history and


After a Cursillo, cursillistas get together for a bi-weekly Ultreya,

where they talk about their spirtitual lives.

Address of the Cursillo movement: 6401 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, CA




The Cursillo movement is one of the newest of Rome's successful plans to

fool sleepy Protestants and others. The R.C. Church has replaced the mailed

fist approach to non-Catholics with the Trojan horse of infiltration by

guile, intrigue and deception. The Cursillo Movement is an example. A

pamphlet from the Louisville, Kentucky office says, 'although it is

Catholic in origin and setting, now Protestants and Catholics can have an

encounter with Christ together.' This retreat revival weekend is called a

Cursillo. So today's priests are being trained to use expressions like born

again, salvation experience, salvation history, encounter with Christ,

baptism of the Holy Spirit, salvation from a non-divine existence,

receiving Christ, charismatic experience, kerygma, etc. They are attending

evangelistic crusades, learning the hymns, the messages, the terminology.

They are going forward at invitations, being interviewed in the inquiry

rooms by counselors and personal, workers, filling out cards indicating the

church of their choice as R.C.. Priests and nuns are being trained to

attend Full Gospel meetings and to copy the actions and motions of others.

Priests are joining local councils of churches, YMCAs, speaking in

pentecostal, Methodist, Baptist and other so-called Protestant churches.

One priest, Cursillo Director in Louisville, told me the Baptist minister

welcomed him as a brother in Christ because, he said, we both believe in

Jesus. This priest boasted to me that he was conducting a revival in a

Methodist Church. Fundamentalists, beware! Modernists are not the only ones

being fooled. The FGBMI, for instance, has published a booklet, ROMAN


priests, nuns and laity telling how they received the baptism of the Holy

Spirit and now they attend Mass more regularly, are more devoted RCs and

say, 'We appreciate the liturgy more fully.' The RC Church is doing away

with the old catechism books. It is not denying the contents contained in

them, it's just phasing them out for its new program of the Trojan Horse.

Now they have modern castechisms. You can read about it in the 40-page

booklet by this name published by Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, Indiana.

They now admit that the old catechism classes were drab, dull and


Modern catechists are to teach the liturgy as the saving actions of

Christ made present to God's people today. Christ's purpose was 'that they

might accomplish the work of salvation which they have proclaimed by means

of sacrifice and sacraments around which the entire liturgical life

revolves.' And again they say that Christ is present in the sacrifice of

the Mass, especially under the Eucharistic Species.

Expressions appealing to Protestants such as salvation centered appear

often. On the one hand they are trying to acommodate themselves to

Protestants, even fundamentalists, by speaking of salvation as a gift of

God not to be merited. On the other hand, under all the camoflauge there is

still the Roman pope, the blasphemous Mass, the idolatrous devotion to

Mary, salvation by sacraments, the new birth by water baptism and the same

old purgatory - all denying the efficacy of the blood atonement of Jesus


Yes, it is the same old Romish attack on the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ

hidden inside the Trojan Horse of Protestant expressions and activities. In

modern catechisms we read that all of creation is evolutionary and the

dynamism of God's creativity points to man as the crown of creation. Hence

salvation is the final step in this creative process, and is the divinizing

of creation in the person of man.

And some Christians, even pastors, are snowed by such verbiage and

effervescence. We need to read and study passages in the Word of God that

warn of crafty teachers, deceitful workers, and Satan and his ministers

coming as angels of light. (Luke 20:23; Eph 4:214; II Cor 11:13; Mt

24:4,5,24; Acts 5:3; Rom 16:18; Eph 5:6; II Cor 11:26; II Peter 2:1; Luke

21:8; I Cor 6:9; II Tim 3:13; Rev 18:23; II John 7.

Then warn truly converted persons against being fooled by Rome's espionage

agents. Instead, in the love and power of the Holy Spirit pierce their

disguise with the word of God, the sword of the Spirit. Bring them under

conviction of sin. Expose their counterfeit Christ (II Cor 11:14). Show

then how to be truly converted according to the Christ of the Bible, the

Christ Who saves fully and completelty from, sin and hell by faith alone in

His substitutionary blood sacrifice. Then lead them out of Roman idolatry

into a Christ-centered, Bible teaching, missionary-minded, evangelical,

evangelistic, fundamental, separated, Protestant, New Testament Christian

church. Turn the tables on the devil."

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