We have no personal axe to grind with Billy Graham. We are thankful for all

who have come to know Christ through his ministry. However, because we are

involved in reaching Roman Catholics with the Gospel, it is important that

we are aware of some of the steps Billy Graham has taken over the years to

promote oneness with the Catholic Church.

In obedience to Galatians 6:1, I wrote a letter to Billy Graham pointing

out some of the problems. I did not receive a personal reply, but an

associate of his defended his involvement with Roman Catholicism and

specifically with Pope John Paul II.

Following is a summary of Billy Graham's early endorsement, progressive

affinity and current acceptance of Roman Catholicism. It is taken from a


"Pittsburgh, 1952. Speaking of Graham's crusade in that city, the

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph said of Graham on September 6, `He said he hoped

to hear Bishop Fulton J. Sheen a one of the masses at St. Paul's Cathedral

tomorrow. He added, "many of the people who reached a decision on Christ at

our meetings have joined the Catholic Church and we have received

commendations from Catholic publications for the revived interest in their

Church followihng our campaigns. This happened both in Boston and

Washington. After all, one of our prime purposes is to help the churches in

a commuinity. If after we move on, the local churches do not feel the

effects of therse meetings in increased membership and attendance, then our

crusade would have to be considered a failure."'

"New York, 1955. On December 29, Billy Graham met in his hotel suite

with Dr. James Bennett and Rev. Jack Wyrtzen. He confirmed his intention of

sending converts back to the Roman Catholic Church.

"New York, 1956. 'The New York Evening Journal reported on September 18

that Graham said, `Then we'll send them (the converts) to their own

Churches - Roman Catholic, Protestant or Jewish.'

"Bonn, 1963. The Chicago Times reported on June 8, `Graham praises the

late Pope John XXIII in Bonn, Germany, and added, "I admire Pope John

tremendously. I felt he brought a new era to the world. It is my hope that

the Cardinals elect a new pope who will follow the same line as John. It

would be a great tragedy if they chose a man who reacted against John, who

re-erected the walls."'

"New York, 1963. The New York Times of October 25 reported that Billy

Graham told how the Roman Catholic Bishop of Sao Paulo, Brazil, stood

beside him in that city during his 1962 crusade and blessed Graham's

converts as they came forward.

"Belmont, 1967. An honorary degree was conferred on Graham by the Roman

Catholics at Belmont Abbey College. The Nov. 22 Gastonia Gazette reported,

`Graham noted the significance of the occassion - "a time when Protestants

and Catholics could greet each other as brothers. The gospel that built

this school and the gospel that brings me here tonight is still the way of


Rome, 1969. Newsweek, 6/23/69. `Rev. Charles Dullea, S.J.,Superior of

Rome's Pontifical Bible Institute, recommended Catholics to attend Graham's

crusade in these words, "A Catholic will hear no slighting of his Church's

teaching authority, nor of papal or episcopal prerogatives, no word against

Mass or Sacraments or Catholic practice."'

"Minneapolis, 1969. The Baptist Bulletin (November 1969) reports that

the United States Congress on Evangelism was held in Minneapolis September

8-13. Billy Graham was the sponsor amd a priest, John O'Keefe, a Paulist

Father, led the Thursday devotions.

"Dallas, 1972. Logos, May-June 1972, reports that Catholic literature

was distributed at Explo 72, which was co-sponsored by Billy Graham. It

read in part, `true Catholics believe that under the appearance of bread

and wine, achieved at the consecration of the mass, the very real body of

Christ is present in the tabernacle of their churches.'

"North America, 1973. Billy Graham recommended Catholic books and

literature at Key 73. One, a biography of Pope John XXIII contained

hundreds of pages of that Pope's devotion to Mary and the saints. worship

of the host and trust in the sacraments for salvation. Graham advertised is

as `a classic in devotion.'

Milwaukee, 1973. On October 21, Graham said, `This past week I preached

in a great Catholic Cathedral, a funeral sermon for a close friend of mine

who was a Catholic and they had several bishops anmd archbishops to

participate, and as I sat there going through the funeral mass that was a

very beautiful thing and certainly straight and clear in the gospel; I

believe. There was as wonderful little priest that would tell me when to

stand and when to kneel and what to do.'"

Following are complimentary statements by Msgr. John Byre of St. Louis,

and instances of compromise in South Bend, Manila, Milwaukee, Poland, and

Australia. Christians ought to exercise extreme caution and biblical

discernment in the support of a ministry that calls Roman Catholicism a

true biblical religion and compromises constantly with its leaders.


From RELIGIOUS NEWS SERVICE, 12/11/79. "Evangelist Billy Graham said the

late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen 'broke down many walls of prejudice between

Catholics and Protestants' during a long colorful career...'I count it a

privilege to have known him as a friend for over 35 years', said Mr.

Graham. 'I mourn his death and look forward to our reunion in Heaven.'"

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