Excerpts from HOW TO SAVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH by Greeley and Ducken:

"The foes of the Church no longer knew where to shoot for the once

immovable target kept moving.

"Peter Rossi said, `I left the Church when I was 12. At 42, I woke up

and discovered I was a Catholic again. I didn't change, but they modified

the boundaries without warning me.'

"A sacrament is a created reality that discloses to us the Uncreated


"Cardinal Casoria, who may be the biggest damn fool to sit in a key

position in the Roman Catholic Curia, saaid, `Dance might remind the

people, of love.'

"The pagan goddess Brigid was replaced by Christian St. Brigid and

assigned the same shrine at Kildare with the same responsibilities -

spring, poetry, new life, storytelling.

"That pagan custom were baptized and made Christian. . . is without



From CHRISTIAN CENTURY, 10/7/87. "Andrew Greeley and associates at National

Opinion Research Center, 'Humanae Vitae (1968) seems to have been the

reason for massive apostasy and for a notable decline in religious devotion

and belief.'"


From Greenville, SC NEWS, 1/28/89. Greeley, "I suppose the elitists will

ridicule the idea of finding God in science fiction, mystery stories, pop

singers and comic strips. That's their problem, not mine. But God lurks

everywhere." He described Bill Cosby as an evangelist, the most influential

religion teacher in America. Woody Allen is "the most explicitely

theological filmmaker in America today." Madonna's hit song "Like a Virgin"

describes "the timeless cry of the human heart for renewal." Bruce

Springsteen, whose rock music is "deeply religious" is "a major religious

prophet." His "Tunnel of Love" album may be "more important" than a papal

visit. (Copied from WHAT IN THE WORLD, BJU,Vol. 5, No. 8)

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