From THE ROMAN CATHOLIC. "Pope Gregory XVI solemnly canonized St.

Philomena. This can be attested by past papal documents and Church

historians, particularly Father Buonavenia, a Jesuit who in 1906 published


V.M. In this work, he confirmed all the declarations and decrees of several

popes, notably the solemn decree of Pope Gregory XVI.

"One must agree with St. Bonaventura and other Church Doctors who state

that it would be a most horrible thing to doubt the true beatitude of

anyone whom the Church has canonized.

"Many past theologians, among them St. Robert Bellarmine and John of St.

Thomas, hold that the Pope is infallible in issuing a decree of

canonization. St. Thomas Aquinas says, `Since the honor we pay to saints

is in a certain sense a profession of faith, i.e., a belief in the glory of

the Saints, we must piously believe that in this matter also the judgment

of the Church is not liable to error.'

"In conclusion, after having recourse to the mind of the Angelic Doctor,

again must I mention countless testimonies, miracles, investigations, etc.,

the act of the Sacred Congregation of Rites on the ousting of her cultus

was a most flagrant violation against the Church and her veneration of the

saints, an act that never should have occured, no matter how much

deliberation of `later investigation' there may have been.

"May Catholics everywhere pray to St. Philomena, a Saint, a Virgin, a

Martyr and a Wonder-worker.

"Hail, Philomena, pearl of virgins, generous spouse of the King of

kings! Hail, flower of martyrs, living host of Christ! Refuse not the

succor of thy prayer to those who invvoke it, venerating thy merits."

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