From TROUBADOUR FOR THE LORD by Dan O'Neill. "Here is the inspiring story

of a rock and roll star who left the fast lane for a Franciscan retreat -

and never looked back. John Michael Talbot - an extraordinary artist and

man of faith who has dedicated his life and music to God and has become one

of the most innovatine voices in contemporary Christian music - a new

Troubadour for the Lord.

Ibid, p. 58. "Somehow I wasn't the same after that. I felt I was flooded

with the Holy Spirit."

Ibid., page 130. "I believe we'll find unity one day - at least a

significant measure of it. But this, in my opinion, will only come through

a full philosophical, historical and scriptural unity. This is the tripod

on which a unified church must stand. If any one leg is removed, it will

collapse," John asserts.

Ibid., page 131. "(Father Ecklecamp, executive secretary of the English-

speaking Conference of the Provincial Ministers of the Order of Friars

Minor) has ruled that Protestants may become ecumenical Franciscan members,

opening the door to virtually all interested parties.

From SIMPLICITY, John Michael Talbot, page 54. "Care must be taken, though,

that the Scriptures not be studied in isolation from the ongoing teaching

of the church. True, we have the Spirit of God within us to guide and

direct us. We have an objective body of teaching in the Scriptures. But

remember: it was the church that authenticated these Scriptures, and it is

the teaching office of the church which provides the commentary or the

instruction to interpret these biblical documents. A balance must be

maintained between tradition and Scripture.

From SIMPLICITY, John Michael Talbot. "Personally, I have found praying the

Rosary to be one of the most powerful tools I possess in obtaining simple,

childlike meditation on the life of Jesus Christ.



by Bill Jackson

"The Regathering. A call, to gather the dispersed traditions of our

Christian heritage to evangelize the world."

Thus begins the description of John Michael Talbot's album; the art work

includes pictures of Martin Luther, St. Peter's Basilica, St. Bernard,

Zwingli, Calvin, St. Paul, John Wesley, Ignatius of Loyola (founder of the

Jesuits) and two Roman Catholic popes, Gregory the Great and Leo the

Great. Talbot is a Franciscan monk whose cassettes are often sold in

"Christian" book stores.

Talbot's explanation of this work is that it "is a musical work for

Christian unity. Christians must stand together as a unified people to face

the awesome challenges of our world. They are too great to face alone, or

even as fragmented denominations, fellowships or groups. This is a time

that demands unity."

Some of the lyrics appear to give glory to God, but when you read

Talbot's explanations, it becomes apparent what the hidden motives really

are. In his song, ONE FAITH, Talbot says he "drew from Ignatius of

Antioch's ecclesiology of apostolic succession." He makes special mention

of Simon Peter's having received the keys of the Kingdom, and speaks of

regathering His people back home, into one fold and one faith. Those

familiar with Roman Catholic ecclesiology know to what home, fold and faith

Talbot is referring.

The theme of BUILD UP is the regathering that will take place as a

result of God's forgiving our sin, which occurred in ONE FAITH when God

caused the scattering because of false shepherds.

SAY TO THE PRISONER is a call from "Mother" Church, who will not forget

her wandering child, to come, as during the trek home they will find green

pastures. SEE MY SERVANT, according to Talbot, is meant to usher us through

a door to actual fulfillment of the goal of the (prophetic) call; the

unified worship. LORD HAVE MERCY contains the actual words of the Kyrie

Elieson of the Mass, thus establishing a link between Talbot's ecumenism

and the theological center of Roman Catholicism. ALL WHO ARE THIRSTY is a

call to the individual for commitment to unity, and symbolizes, for Talbot,

"the mingling of water and wine in the Eucharist." The ending is supposed

to remind us, says Talbot, "that the work of unity is not complete. It is

only beginning."

I urge Christians to visit their local religious book store and if this

title is available, to bring the contents to the attention of the owners.

Some boycott stores that sell liquor or pornographic books; certainly this

poison is even more deadly because of its ecumenical implications.

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