We have here from the REUTERS DISPATCH a report from

Venice, Italy, where we read, "Cain, history's first recorded

killer, was found innocent of premeditated murder yesterday

at a mock trial by Biblical scholars, historians,

magistrates, and criminologists. The nine member, all

CATHOLIC Jury voted five to four in favor of Cain. THE ROMAN

CATHOLIC VERDICT said that Cain had acted out of inevitable

human emotion dictated by other reasons of a social nature."

This shows you the gap between Catholic theology and

the Bible. In the Book of GENESIS, Cain killed his brother

Abel because he was jealous of Abel's offering, and in 1 JOHN

you are told that Cain killed Abel because his brother's work

was righteous and his was evil. It is interesting to note

that we have used Cain and Abel (see the BIBLE BELIEVER'S

COMMENTARY ON GENESIS) for more than thirty years as an

illustration of salvation by grace with BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY

compared to sacramental salvation IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC

CHURCH. We would expect them to justify Cain. "HE WAS A



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