Edited by David L. Brown

In February of 1991 4,000 people gathered in Canberra,

Australis fro the 7th World Assembly of the World Council of

Churches. It's nothing new for members of this apostate group

to say things like Dr. Wesley Ariarajah said this year, "I

simply cannot believe that there have not been other people

[other than Christians}] who are familiar with God...My

understanding of God's love is too broad for me to believe

that only this narrow segment called the Christian church

will be saved...If you are a Christian, you must be open and

broad, not narrow and exclusive." But, this year the WCC had

been drawn deeper into Satan's lie by the OCCULT RITUAL

was initiated by Dr. Chung Hyun-Kyung. Ms. Chung is a

Presbyterian minister in Korea and a professor at Ewha

Woman's University in Seoul. The ritual began with a dance

she invited the audience to participate in. The sensual dance

was a part of the preparation ritual intended to "prepare

the way for the spirits." Next she "invoked the spirits of

the dead" burning candles on each side of her while reading

the names of departed spirits... Hagar, Uriah, male babies

killed by Herod, Joan of Arc, Jewish people killed in the gas

chambers, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Biko, Martin Luther King,

Jr., Malcolm X and "the spirit of the Liberator, our brother

Jesus, tortured and killed on the cross."

She went on to expound the various aspects of Korean

spiritism and said that she equated the demonic goddess Kwan

In with the holy spirit. Kwan In is venerated as goddess of

compassion and wisdom by East Asian women. They believe this

enlightened being can go to Nirvana any time she wants to but

does not because of her compassion for all suffering beings.

She seeks to enlighten them. When they are enlightened she

empowers them to swim to the shore of Nirvana.

Her speech ended with a crude aboriginal dance which I

could not in good conscience describe.

[Based on a report in the June 1991 issue of "THE BAPTIST

BULLETIN" by Dr. John E. Millheim]

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