Bible Believers' Bulletin, December 1991, Page 6

From the Herald News, Saturday, August 3, 1991, Cookville,

Tennessee, we read that a man named Horris Burkes is going to preach

the Gospel through the mailbox.

"The church deacon decided in 1989 to reach every home in America

with a brochure on God. That was 10 million and about 102 million

homes to go. Burkes, from a 550 member Sycamore Church of Christ in

the Cumberland Plateau, 75 miles each of Nasvhille, is pleased with

response to his brochure..."

The writer for the Herald News needs to be corrected. The

"gospel" preached by the so-called Church of Christ is not the

"gospel," and the so-called "Church of Christ" is not the church that

Jesus Christ founded. When a water-dog says "Gospel," he means Acts

2:38. He means the Pentecostal message that the Jewish apostles

preached to the Jews in Judea and Jewish proselytes at Jerusalem, on a

Jewish feast day before the New Testament was written and before the

"gospel of the grace of God" was revealed to Paul. The "gospel"

according to a Campbellite is simply that "to be saved" a man must

repent, confess, believe, and be baptized, and then he isn't saved yet.

He is saved later, on the condition that he "endures to the end." The

word Gospel, of course, means "good news." And the "good news" the

Church of Christ preaches is about as welcome as the Black Death or


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