How To Witness To A Mormon

By Jim L. Toungate Jr.

1. Before attempting to witness to anyone involved in a cultic group, have a

clear understanding of your faith and the Bible. Almost 63% of Mormon con-

verts are former Southern Baptist.

2. Have a basic knowledge of Mormon doctrine and practices. Before you read

the Book of Mormon or anyother Mormon Book, pray for the Holy Spirit's

guidence and discernment. I would not recommend reading Mormon literature

starting out. Some very good books that I would recommend by Apologist are:

The Maze of Mormonism, By Dr. Walter Martin

Kingdom of the Cults, By Dr. Walter Martin

How To Answer A Mormon, By Dr. Robert A. Morey

Battle of the God's, By Dr. Robert A. Morey (deals with Polytheism, and

process theology)

3. Pray before you talk to them and ask for the Holy Spirit's guidence in the

encounter. It is not we, but the Holy Spirit who speaks to mens hearts.

4. Keep the initiative. If the Mormon raises objectives, or desires to

examine other "biblical" text, ask them to make a note of it for future


5. I can't stress this enough, define your terms clearly. Mormons often use

the same terminology that we do, but they have different meanings to the

Mormon. Remember that no genuine witness takes place unless the meanings

of commonly used words are understood.

6. When witnessing to a Mormon, use the King James Version of the Bible. It

is the official version for the LDS. Keep in mind that most Mormons are

unaware that Joseph Smith Jr. made over 600 changes in his "inspired"

version of the Bible.

7. Determine the level of commitment of the Mormon to his or her faith.

a. Was he or she born into a Mormon family?

b. Does he or she take the sacrement weekly in a Ward?

c. If male, is a Melchizedek Priest?

d. is he or she a "Temple" Mormon?

e. How long has he or she been a Mormon?

8. Determine how much he or she adheres to the primary teachings of

Mormonism. Ask them which of the following must be true for Mormonism to

be true:

a. Mormonism is based upon the Bible, or must atleast agree with it.

b. The Book of Mormon is another witness to the Bible.

c. The Mormon Church is the Restored Church founded by Jesus Christ.

d. Mormonism is the only church with a valid Priesthood.

e. God was once a man, and has a body of flesh and bones.

f. Baptism must be performed by proxy for the dead. (for their"salvation")

g. Joseph Smith Jr. was a true prophet of God.

9. Mormons often will bear you their testimony, and explain that they know

that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God because they have a burning in

their chest. First, because you have a strong feeling about something

doesn't make it the truth. Truth should be based on fact, and not


10. Give a strong testimony of your salvation experience. Emphasize your

faith and trust in Jesus Christ, His life, death, and resurrection. Talk

about a personal relationship with Christ.

11. Don't get caught up in scriptural ping pong. Most Mormons are trained for

this. Use the Book of Mormon, their history, and especially Joseph

Smith's false prophecies. Most very few Mormons are ready to handle a

discussion about his false prophecies. There is alot of material out

there to help you witness to Mormons.

12. Be prepared to present the Gospel of Christ at any time during the

encounter. Remember to be loving and gentle when witnessing to anyone

involved in a cult.

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