By Dr. Robert A. Morey

The following is a letter that Dr. Morey has written to teenage

witches that he thought you might like to share with others.

I see from the pentagram you wear and all your magical charms

that you believe in the power of magic. Perhaps you have attended

a Wiccan gathering or you have participated in some magic rituals.

I don't know.

But so many questions fill my mind. Have you "drawn down the moon"

yet? Have you ever felt a power come upon you? Do you worship a par-

ticular goddess? Have you been initiated? Do you have a Wiccan name?

Have you gone skyclading? Are you in the outer or inner circle?

Have you used blood in your rituals? Have you ever called forth a

familiar spirit?

The reason I am writing you is that I have studied the occult for

thirty years and I have come to certain conclusions.

Now, I know that you will disagree with some of my conclusions

because we have traveled different paths. But I have added the benefit

of the testimonies of those who used magic in the highest levels

possible such as the Golden Dawn and the O.T.O. and then have come

to faith in Christ and now have renounced magic.

All I ask is that you have an open mind and give serious attention

to the things I now bring up. Remember an unexamined faith is a

worthless faith.

I. The fact that magic does not work.

After all the talk about the "power" that people can get from

magic, I have never known a more powerless group of people.

Many of those who use magic are sick all the time. They go

through mulitple marriages. They have money problems. Their

cars get flat tires. They get their share of flus and colds.

Even more seriously, they cannot beat their own drug or sex

addiction. They are usually in bondage and totally powerless

to change their life for the better.

If magic really worked, they would never be sick. They would

win every horse race in town! They would own Wall Street by

now! They would be able to maintain a successful marriage.

But the fact is, you waste a lot of money and time on magic

and are no better off. In fact, you will end up worse off.

If magic worked, witches would be picking up the winning

lottery numbers every week. But the fact is that when the

"rubber meets the road" magic simply does not work.

II. Their lame duck excuses as to why they are sick or why they

can't keep their marriage together or why they aren't rich,

are weak and feeble.

One psychic "healer" (a relative of mine) is sick all the time.

Her husband is dying of cancer! When she boasted to me of her

magical powers, I confronted her with the rather obvious fact

that her magic did not work for her or her ex-husband. She

replied that her magic will not work for herself.

But who says that you cannot heal yourself by magic? Where is

it written down? And who says that your husband or wife cannot

use magic to heal you? If her magic cannot help herself or her

husband, then what good is it?

I could not help but point out that she was always crying about

money problems. What use is her magic if it cannot make her rich?

III. A magical world view is internally contradictory and hypocritical.

A. To say, "there are no moral absolutes" is to give an absolute.

B. To say, "Do what thou wilt, this is the whole of the law" has

been used to justify everything from black magic to human

sacrifice. If there are no standards, then on what grounds can

they condemn child abuse, Hitler, murder, etc.? They can't.

C. To say, "everything is relative" and "there is no evil," and

then to turn around and say that Christianity is "evil" is


D. To say, "Everyone has the right to believe what they want"

and then condemn Christians for what they believe is contra-


E. To say, "Do what thou wilt" and then tell Christians NOT to do

what they wilt is hypocritical.

F. To say, "that it is wrong to judge/condemn others," and then

to judge/condemn Christians is contradictory.

IV. A magical view of life does not correspond to reality.

G. No magic is going to make you thin if you do not stop eating.

No magic will make you rich if you do not get up and go to


H. The claim of modern witches that they are reviving pre-

Christian paganism is not true historically. The rituals

and beliefs of modern day magic are of recent origin.

I. My brother in law who is in the occult told me he was going

to use magic to get himself a parking space in N.Y.C. I in

turn told him that I would ask Jesus to get me a space. He

drove around for four hours before finding a place while I

found one immediately and did not have to go around the

block even once! His magic was not even good enough to find

him a parking space!

J. A magical view of life is a cop out and it breeds irrespons-

ibility .

Instead of taking responsibility for their life, those who

use magic always blame "bad luck" or claim that someone is

using black magic against them. The truth is that YOU are

responsible for the choices you make in life - not magic.

K. It attracts people with mental problems.

Sad but true. I have seen this many, many times. The State

Mental Hospitals are filled with people who were users of

magic. It appeals to people with those kind of people.

L. They live in constant fear of the powers they draw down.

Hence they need the occult protection of the circles,

towers, shields, charms, etc.. What a terrible religion

of fear!

M. If you depend upon trinkets such as pentagrams to protect

you, you do not have any real power. To think that a stupid

piece of metal or glass is going to protect you from a demon

you summon is absurd.

N. The lust for blood is evil. It has led to horrible crimes.

Killing animals and people for their "energy" is wicked as

well as criminal.

O. Sex magic is filthy and gross beyond words and involves

child abuse, bestiality, sodomy, etc. You will never have

a normal satisfying sex life once you debase yourself

in sex magic.

P. Magic is for losers.

The greatest magicians always end up broke, alone, and

miserable. Check to see what happend to people like

Crowley. They were all losers.

Whenever a true Christian challenges them, the magicians

always lose.

I have challenged occultist to take their best shot and

they always failed. On one occasion, a coven sent demons

to kill me but I didn't even get a headache!

Q. While there is a lot of hate and lust in magic, there is

no love. If you leave or reveal the secrets, they will

try to kill you.

I helped to move a girl from Philadelphia to Florida to

escape her former occult friends. If they really loved her,

why did they try to kill her? If she wanted to leave the

group, why did they object to her doing what she wilt?

R. There is no forgiveness, comfort or salvation in magic.

It has no Savior or God who loves and cares for you.

The occult is lonely, sad, cold and sterile.

S. The Bible says that true power behind the magical arts

is satanic. Those who deny this are dupes of the devil.

These are just a few things that came to mind as I thought about

what I have seen in thirty years of research in the occult.

The Lord Jesus Christ has broken the power of magic and has

brought life, love and immortality to light through the Gospel.

Jesus is Victor!

The occult has nothing to offer that compares with the love

of Jesus. Turn to Him in repentance. Renounce your witchcraft

and the works of the devil. Burn your magic books and mash your

altars. Turn or burn. Repent or perish! Jesus is the answer.

John 3:36.


Copyright 1992

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