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The "Amazing" Saga of Rebecca and Elaine

by G. Richard Fisher, Paul R. Blizard and M. Kurt Goedelman

Stories about a marriage to the devil, hospital and city governments run by

Satan worshipers, and a camp in the woods for witches, anointing pets with oil

and a one-woman war against the forces of darkness are just a few of those

told by a self-proclaimed former witch and a physician who claims to have

helped deliver her from demonic bondage.

Rebecca Brown and Elaine (no last name is ever given) have told their story to

Jack Chick, whose Chick Publications company has published it in two cassette

tapes, CLOSET WITCHES 1 and CLOSET WITCHES 2, and two books, HE CAME TO SET

THE CAPTIVES FREE and PREPARE FOR WAR. Rebecca and Elaine have also had

opportunity to briefly promote their message on the syndicated talk show

GERALDO in 1987. [1]

Chick Publications, once know primarily as a publisher of Gospel tracts, has

gained notoriety as a publisher of sensational stories. Most notably are

those of John Todd, who claims to possess knowledge of an occult,

conspiratorial society called The Illuminati, and Alberto Rivera, who claimed

to once have been a Jesuit priest who witnesses all kinds of ungodly

activities and plots by the Roman Catholic Church. [2]

Chick is no stranger to controversy and considers anyone who disputes his

publications' claims, a spiritual enemy. On the tape, CLOSET WITCHES 2, he

says, "I think the listeners should watch carefully who in the Christian

circles will attack Rebecca and Elaine to destroy their credibility and the

message on this tape. More than likely the attackers just might turn out to

be satanists or witches pretending to be believers in Christ and it is going

to be very, very interesting to watch."

The story readers and listeners are expected to believe centers on two women,

Rebecca Brown and Elaine. We realize the information contained here is

sensitive and will be opening a wound that will again hurt family members

close to the situation. This is not an attempt to dredge up the past, but to

expose the truth about these alarmist teachers.


Elaine says she was born with a cleft palate that required surgical repair.

Her family could not afford the cost of surgery. Then, Elaine says, a nurse

told her mother the work could be done in exchange for nothing more than a

thimbleful of Elaine's blood. The blood would be for experimental use, Elaine

says her mother was told. However, Elaine says, the blood was used in a

ceremony in which she was sold to Satan.

Elaine goes on to tell of events that led her to further involvement in

witchcraft and satanism. She describes her rise to power into satanism after

being inducted into Satan's service at a witch camp. There she signed her

name in blood and set out to climb the ladder of power in witchcraft. She

tells of growing more powerful until, at a national competition of witches,

she surpassed all her colleagues and was named top witch:

"A crown of gold was placed upon my head and my fellow cult members bowed down

and gave homage to me... I was treated like a queen... I was given all the

beautiful clothes to wear that I could possibly want. I was bathed, my hair

fixed and I was waited on hand and foot by servants. There were parties and I

always had a handsome escort who was also my bodyguard... My escort always

tasted all of my food before I ate to make sure that it wasn't poisoned." [3]

That wasn't all, Elaine says. She married Satan himself, who donned a white

tuxedo and rented a Presbyterian church for the ceremony. After saying their

vows, the newlyweds were whisked off by limousine to the airport and Satan's

luxurious private jet, Elaine says. On their way to their "haunted honeymoon"

at a mansion in California, Satan sipped "very expensive wines and

champagnes." [4]

Elaine says she became "Satan's representative on an international level"

going around the world to meet with heads of state and foreign dignitaries to

negotiate the sale of arms. She was possessed by a demon named "Mann-Chan"

and spoke foreign languages fluently, she says. [5]

Elaine links the Roman Catholic Pope into the worldwide occult network she

says she headed. "The Pope knew very well who I was. We worked closely both

with the Catholics - especially the Jesuits - and the high-ranking Masons."



Then came an assignment that would change her life, Elaine tells Chick. Satan

told here there was a "'young smart-alec doctor' at his 'special' hospital in

a nearby city. This doctor was not only greatly interfering by 'preaching and

praying everywhere,' but had also actually dared to interfere with a number of

his top witches and their work at that institution." Elaine says, "Satan

ordered me to organize a nationwide effort among all the top witches for that

doctor's destruction. He didn't care how we did it, but that doctor must be

killed, and quickly." [7]

The young doctor was Rebecca Brown, an intern. Elaine had her assignment and

she went to work. However, Elaine says, "every time I did an incantation in

the direction of that doctor, the demons came back unable to get through." [8]

Elaine says her difficulty in wrecking Rebecca spiritually turned into a

defeat for Satan. Through this purported incident and other events, Elaine

became a Christian.

Satan was angry, Elaine says. "The first thing that they [Mann-Chan, and

fellow demons] did was fly right off and tell Satan what I had done," Elaine

tells Chick. "Then the fur started to fly. That night after I had returned

home Satan came to talk to me, but things were strangely different. Usually

Satan would come up to me and put his hands on my shoulders or hold me in his

arms. This time he stood back away from me and shouted, 'What the Hell do you

think you are doing?' 'I'm leaving you,' I replied." [9]

A heated discussion ensued and Elaine ordered him to leave. Elaine says,

"Satan came to me nearly twenty times over the next two weeks. Sometimes in a

very charming mood, attempting to be a lover, but usually in a rage. He tried

to persuade me to change my mind." [10]


Satan's next move was to make Elaine ill and put her in "that particular

hospital," where she was placed under the care of Rebecca, Elaine says, and

the story's narration is pickup by Rebecca.

Rebecca says God told her Elaine still had hundreds of demons and needed

deliverance. Rebecca says, "[God] told me that He wanted me to have Elaine

move in with me immediately as she did not yet have faith enough to stand on

her own. Her [earthly] husband had left her and remained with the satanists."

[11] Since the hospital was under the control of satanists, Rebecca says she

and Elaine were targets of "the Brotherhood" (i.e., a group of people who are

directly controlled by, and worship, Satan).

Rebecca goes on to tell of God making many covenants with and audible

revelations to her. The descriptions are vivid and graphic.

In one description, an angel was sent by God to kill Elaine after she had

become a Christian. Rebecca relates her encounter with "a shining white-robed

figure... with a drawn sword in his hand. He was tall, very tall. His head

nearly touched the ceiling of the room. He radiated power and his countenance

was fierce. His skin was bronzed and the sword in his hand shown with a pure

white light." [12]

What was his message? Rebecca quotes him: "I am sent by God the Father to

kill this one who is so rebellious and disobedient. She has angered God."

[13] Why had God sent an angel to kill Elaine? Rebecca explains: "He [God]

had commanded Elaine to make a covenant with Him to protect them from an

upcoming attack by the local Satanists. Elaine had refused to do so,

stubbornly insisting that she would fight and protect them." [14]

Rebecca says, in effect, that God had sent an angel to kill someone who would

not make a covenant with Him to protect her from being killed.

Rebecca says she "threw herself prone on her face on the floor... [15] and

pleaded with "Father" to spare Elaine's life. "...let your anger fall on me

instead of Elaine," she sobs. Angry "Father" grants her petition: "The angel

placed his sword into its sheath. 'Arise, woman,' he said. 'Your petition

has been heard and granted.' Then he vanished." [16]


In CLOSET WITNESS 2 Rebecca describes something called "counter petitioning

God" in which she pleads with God not to let Satan do things to other

Christians. She apparently gets flashes of insight into Satan's plans and

then asks God not to let them be carried out.

Rebecca also details some unorthodox views of the character of God the Father

and Jesus Christ the Son. In PREPARE FOR WAR, Rebecca describes a

conversation she had with Jesus:

"Suddenly, that gentle voice of the Lord spoke to me again saying, 'Talk to

me, child.'

'I can't talk to you, Lord, I don't feel any different than before, and all

you do is get mad!'

'But I am not mad at you, I never have been. You see, I, Jesus, know how you

feel because I have experienced weakness. Father has never experienced

weakness, so He usually gets angry when His people are weak." [17]

While the purpose of this article is not an attempt to refute all of the

faulty extra-biblical notions of Brown's theology, these are two glaring

examples of what is being promulgated.


Rebecca goes on to say God wanted to make another covenant with her to enter

into the "deliverance" ministry. Rebecca says she was told by God that this

covenant was her call to "directly combat Satan and his demons" which would

result in "losing [sic] my career, my family, all my friends and nearly

everything I held dear." [18] She felt that if she did not enter into this

covenant with God that she would lose her relationship with the Lord. [19]

Rebecca says she accepted the commission. Joining her was Elaine, fresh from

an eight-week exorcism of Mann-Chan and several hundred other demons.

Together they joined God to fight Satan.

Their first challenge was the satanists at the "nearby hospital." Demons and

witches - the witches were doctors and nurses on the hospital staff - were

making patients sick. Their ministry, Rebecca says, blocked much of the

witchcraft that was going on there. This defeat of Satan, coupled with the

loss of his bride - Elaine - "caused Satan to lose face in his kingdom,"

Rebecca says. [20]

Rebecca says Satan launched a counter-attack, threatening to make Rebecca and

Elaine human sacrifices. However, the Lord's protection prevailed and Rebecca

fulfilled His desire to "open a private solo practice so that I would have a

broader range of patients. This was necessary so that He could bring to me

the people I was to minister to, especially cult members." [21]

Rebecca says that at her new, small-town location, she "was privileged to

bring close to a thousand people out of hard-core Satanism... Every penny I

made went to help these people with food, clothing, transportation out of the

state, medical care and so on." [22]

Rebecca and Elaine go on to tell of encounters with Satan, his demons,

satanists and witches, curses and counter-curses, being shot at and having

their house bombed. Another blow, Rebecca says, was that satanists were "the

instruments of my mother's death." [23]

One final blow sent them running for their lives, Rebecca says:

"Satan struck one of his final blows to our ministry in that area. The

satanists swept in, and in one night, while Elaine and I were out of the house

for a couple of hours, destroyed everything we had. They axed everything in

my home, even killing our precious pets. they also destroyed my office and

everything we had. Elaine and I escaped with our lives and the clothes on our

backs, that is all. Satan's attack was so well planned that at the same time

everyone turned against us... We had no choice but to flee the state." [24]


Answering that question is at the heart of any investigation of their claims

and Chick's publications about them. Finding the answers was not easy. For

those who have tried to interview them they are elusive. For example, author

Jerry Johnston, in his book, THE EDGE OF EVIL, states that Rebecca would not

permit Elaine to be interviewed on the subject of a black mass claiming it is

too hard on her, taking weeks to recover. [25]

A look into Rebecca's background also is difficult. For starters, one must

know that she has not always been Rebecca Brown, M.D. She changed her name

from Ruth Irene Bailey, M.D. In a petition to the Superior Court of

California, County of San Bernardino, dated Feb. 11, 1986, Ruth Irene Bailey,

of Apple Valley, Calif., along with her attorney, Robert Salisbury, of

Anaheim, requested a name change to Rebecca Brown. The reason given was:

"petitioner has become know more by the proposed name through use as a pen

name and use of the name in ministry than by her present name." [26]

Since Rebecca's two books were published in 1986 and 1987, it seems unlikely

that she had become very widely known by her pen name in just the second month

of 1986. Doing it to hide from "the Brotherhood," would be futile since one

assumes those people could divine that information supernaturally even if they

didn't see it in the San Bernardino Daily Press, a general-circulation

newspaper where it was published once a week for four weeks prior to the date

set for hearing on the petition. The name change then was officially

registered April 25, 1986.

Rebecca had reason to change her name. However, it was not because of the

notoriety she had gained under the new name, but the notoriety she had

achieved under her old one.


Ruth Irene Bailey was born in Shelbyville, Ind., to Ebner and Lois Bailey on

May 21, 1948. She was raised in Indianapolis. She completed high school,

then earned an A.A. degree in nursing at IUPUI (Indiana University - Purdue

University at Indianapolis) in May 1968. [27] She then worked as a nurse for

seven years, [28] (on the tape, CLOSET WITCHES 1, she says she was a nurse

for 10 years). She entered Indiana University at Purdue in September 1976.

[29] She then transferred to Indiana University at Indianapolis, School of

Medicine. She received her Doctor of Medicine degree on April 30, 1979. [30]

She then moved to Muncie, Ind., to begin her internship and residency at Ball

Memorial Hospital. This is the "nearby hospital" she refers to repeatedly in

her books and tapes as "one of Satan's special hospitals." [31] Ruth began

her internship at Ball Memorial with good recommendations from her school and

two reputable physicians, Drs. Cavins and Steel of Indianapolis. However, it

appears that early in her internship, she developed an obsession with demons

and deliverance.

A spokesman from Ball Memorial, Dr. John Cullison, director of medical

education, told the Indianapolis News that "Dr. Bailey provided 'very good

care for a couple of years' after joining the hospital's residency staff in

1979. 'But then I began getting reports she was exorcising demons in the

intensive care unit,' he said. 'I asked her to leave.'" [32]

During her internship an residency at Ball Memorial, her behavior became

more bizarre. She began using candles in the rooms during her exorcisms. [33]

Many times she told her patients "she was 'chosen' by God as the only

physician able to diagnose certain ailments and conditions which other

physicians could not. She believed that other physicians, including

physicians from Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Ind., and St. John's Medical

Center in Anderson, Ind., were, in fact demons, devils and other evil spirits

themselves." [34] No one at Ball Memorial would comment on these reports,

citing confidentiality of records, but hospital representatives did help

refute many of her charges.

For example, on CLOSET WITCHES 1 she says: "I always had the chapel to myself

because no one ever used it." A visit to Ball Memorial's chapel indicated it

was well used and that Bibles were available.

She says that "within six months of the start of her training at that

hospital, the hospital administration had all the Gideon Bibles removed from

the patient rooms. [35] A hospital representative denied this claim and

Gideon Bibles can be seen in lobbies and waiting areas of the hospital.

She also says: "Any minister that was coming to the hospital to visit patients

was not permitted to visit with anyone except their own private parishioners,

and, if the nurses found them evangelizing other patients they were to have

them escorted from the hospital by security and asked not to return again. A

chaplaincy service was not permitted, which was also unusual. Indeed, it

seemed as if an effort was being made to wipe away any mention of Christianity

with the walls of the hospital." [36]

Many large hospitals have policies to protect patients from ministers or

exorcist/healers who try to go from room to room and cast out demons or apply

healing techniques. As to a chaplaincy service not being permitted, Ball

Memorial does not have a resident chaplain, but does have facilities for

pastoral counseling and care.

Her behavior became more bizarre as her obsession with demons worsened her

mental state. At a later date, a Medical Licensing Board would hear that she

had "stated on numerous occasions that she possessed the capability of

'sharing' her patients' illnesses in fighting the demons, devils and other

evil spirits that were allegedly causing the various ailments and conditions."


Ruth and Elaine did meet at Ball Memorial and eventually began living

together. However, the real story of their meeting and relationship bears

little resemblance to the story told to and promoted by Jack Chick.



Edna Elaine Moses was born Edna Elaine Knost in sleepy New Castle, Ind. IN

1986, she legally returned to her maiden name. [38] Elaine was born with a

cleft palate which left her face somewhat disfigured. She tells Chick in

CLOSET WITCHES 1: "I hated people, I had been so badly mistreated at home, I

had been badly mistreated at home, I had been badly mistreated in school.

Nothing like peers to hurt you the worst, kids your own age can just make your

life miserable and it did mine because of my deformities." [39] It appears

that Elaine carries some psychological scares from the disfigurement and the

teasing she endured because of it.

Interviews with family members of Elaine disclosed her as living a life

permeated with lies and fabrications. They expressed little surprise to her

wild tales promulgated in Rebecca's books. Elaine's exaggerations proved, at

times, an embarrassment for these family members, noting she would do almost

anything to receive attention. For instance, one method repeatedly utilized

by Elaine was her pretending to have seizures at public functions.

One medical record says Elaine has a "mixed personality disorder," and "is of

questionable reliability." [40] This is evident when the cassette tape

version of her testimony is compared with the book version and when one looks

carefully at the story she and Rebecca have told.

For example, Elaine tells Chick she had a "fast-growing ability to influence

others, to make them do as I wanted. I had unusual physical strength as

well." [41] On the tape CLOSET WITCHES 1, Elaine says she used that strength

in high school when she attacked a football player who called her a name in

the school hallway: "...there was a football player, he weighted about 265...

I ran at him, knocked him down and began hitting him and I beat his face so

badly that he had to have repair work done. I broke his nose and his jaws and

knocked out his teeth, and it took eight teachers to get me off this boy. I

would have killed him." Chick then asks, "Elaine, how big were you then?"

Elaine responds, "Oh, I only weighed about 95, something like that. I stood

about 5-foot-4."

In HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE, she tells the story again, changing the

number of teachers to five, the boy's weight to around 200 pounds, her own

weight at 98 and the injuries to a broken nose, jay and facial bones. [42]

The discrepancies between those two versions of the story are understandable.

Anyone speaking off the cuff about an event that happened years ago could

change such details slightly with each retelling. What is significant about

the story is that interviews with several of Elaine's high school classmates,

including members of the football team, denied the incident, as described by

Elaine, ever occured - no matter which version one cares to believe.


Jack Chick, in CLOSET WITCHES 1 says, "These two ladies are experts in the

world of the occult." Elaine says she was a trained witch who was married to

Satan. In telling their stories to Chick, Elaine and Rebecca refer to

satanists as witches and vice versa. Yet, anyone with even a little knowledge

about the occult knows that witchcraft and satanism are not the same, nor are

they compatible.

Former witch Tom Sanguinet stated in the October-December 1983 Personal

Freedom Outreach newsletter that, "There's not a connection really between

witchcraft and Satanism. It's only been in the neo-system of the occult that

witchcraft and Satanism have taken this melding. Satanists have always

worshipped the negative entities or deities - the temple of Seth in ancient

Egypt, for example. Witches don't fear God and they don't believe in Satan."

Ex-occultist Johanna Michaelsen concurs with this distinction. On page 316 of

her book, LIKE LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER, she states: "There is probably no

faster or more efficient way to enrage your average witch than to accuse him

or her of devil worship. Their literature and lectures are filled with pleas

and/or demands that people stop confusing them with Satan worshippers."

Elaine describes a certain "camp" where she was inducted into witchcraft and

satanism. She describes this "camp" in great detail:

"I stepped directly into this cult when I went to that summer camp with Sandy.

I was very excited by the time we arrived. With excitement you lose a lot of

what you see and hear. We were taken first to the dorms where we were to stay

and made to feel very welcome. the camp had many facilities museums,

libraries, different houses where you could go to clairvoyants, hypnotists,

palm readers, tarot card readers, voodoo experts, etc. Some of these people

lived there year 'round, some didn't. This was the place were the cult

officially meets with the unknowing public." [43]

Based upon Elaine's description of the camp and its location, she is probably

referring to a spiritualist camp known as Camp Chesterfield (Indiana Society

of Spiritualists) in the town of Chesterfield, Ind. The camp was established

in 1886 by Dr. J.W. Westerfield. {44]

As with witchcraft and satanism, spiritualism is a distinct practice not to be

confused with the others. Chick calls Elaine and Rebecca "experts" on the

occult, but an expert would not confuse these three religions. Spiritualists

are not witches. Spiritualism mixes Christianity, Spiritism, and lately has

taken on "New Age" terminology. It is by no means Christianity but neither is

it witchcraft but neither is it witchcraft or satanism.

A trip to Camp Chesterfield revealed it to be as Elaine describes. However,

there are no dormitories, as Elaine recalled but there are two motels that

look like dormitories to an outsider driving through the camp. No staff

member interviewed could remember Edna Elaine Moses or an Edna Elaine Knox,

but all were familiar with the kinds of stories told about the camp.

Elaine says she signed her name in blood and became a part of "The

Brotherhood at this camp." She does not say how old she was when the did this

but says it took place during the summer. "School was out at the time and as

I had nothing else to do I decided to go." [45] This places the event some

time during her youth, probably her mid-teens. Interestingly, the caption

next to her senior picture in her high school's 1965 year book mentions that

she was a member of her school's Bible Club. [46]


Chick's books and tapes on Elaine and Rebecca gloss over Elaine's earthly

marriage and divorce, where Rebecca says: "He [God] wanted me [Rebecca] to

have Elaine move in with me immediately as she did not yet have faith enough

to stand on her own. Her husband had left and remained with the satanists."


Likewise on the tape CLOSET WITCHES 1, Rebecca claims: "...Father was quick to

answer me, He told me that I must get Elaine and move her into my home with

us, because she would commit suicide rather than fall into the hands of the

cult, that her faith wasn't strong enough yet, her husband had left her. He

remained in the cult."

Rebecca and Elaine's story puts their first meeting at Ball Memorial Hospital

around 1980. Research into court records of Henry County, Ind., found that

Edna Elaine Knost was married Dec.18, 1966, by the minister of the Foursquare

Church of New Castle, Ind., [48] and that 2-1/2 months later, her husband

filed for divorce, citing her treatment of him in "a cruel and inhuman manner

and that on account of the treatment so received it has made it impossible for

said parties to live together as husband and wife." [49]

So, documentary evidence shows that the marriage was dissolved in 1967, some

13 years prior to what is alleged in the book and cassette tape. Shortly

after separating from her husband, Elaine returned to live with her mother and

step-father. From that time, until the late 1970s, she remained in New Castle

working at various jobs which included a car-hop at a drive-in restaurant and

a car wash attendant. Also during this time Elaine was continually in and out

of hospitals in the New Castle area for assorted surgeries. [50]

Some direction seemed to come into Elaine's life as she received training and

was licensed by the State of Indiana as a Practical Nurse (LPN), which allowed

her employment at area nursing homes. Thus it can be concluded through a

definite verifiable chronology, Elaine's claims to have been Satan's

representative on an international level, meeting with foreign governmental

dignitaries who petitioned "for money for arms" and to have "been to Mecca,

Israel, Egypt, also the Vatican in Rome to meet with the Pope...for the

purpose of coordinating Satan's programs with Satanists in other lands," as

well as meeting with "many of the well-known Rock music stars" who "all signed

contracts with Satan in return for fame and fortune" are fictitious. [51] The

facts clearly demonstrate a life opposite the notoriety she alleges.

The Chick literature further tells of "pressure" put on them to stop their

"ministry" of exposing satanists and witches at the hospital and surrounding

communities. Rebecca says: "I knew that the mayor of that town and the chief

of police as well as many of the policemen were satanists so I couldn't go to

the police for help." [52] "The cult was furious and they let us know in no

uncertain terms they were furious. There was all kinds of harassment." [53]

The real story is that officials at Ball Memorial Hospital had had enough of

Rebecca's bizarre behavior which had grown to include rites of exorcism in

hospital rooms involving the use of candles and claims "that she was chosen by

God as the only physician able to diagnose certain ailments and conditions."

[54] Finally, hospital officials asked her to leave Ball Memorial Hospital.

The Chick literature never mentions her dismissal from Ball Memorial. Rebecca

just says: "After I finished my residency in internal medicine and critical

care, I opened a medical practice in a small town about 60 miles from the city

in which Elaine was initiated into Satanism. Over the next three years life

was intense." [55]

Evidence shows that Rebecca did set up a general practice in Lapel, Ind., with

financial support from St. John's Hospital, a Catholic institution in nearby

Anderson. [56]

This adds an interesting twist to the story, given Chick's widely known hatred

of the Roman Catholic Church and anything associated with it. On CLOSET

WITCHES 2, Chick asks Elaine: "With your background in the occult and the

'craft,' did you sense a 'Trinity of evil' within the church whereby you, the

satanists, and the Masons and the Catholics all work together? Is there a

harmony some way, could you recognize one another?"

Elaine responds: "Sure Jack...we did and were able to co-ordinate all of our

efforts so we all worked in sync with one another."

Chick: "In other words, if you were going to take someone out, all three of

you would work together?"

Elaine: "Yeah, primarily they would...Catholics and Masons and satanists, they

all use the same abilities of occultism."

In her book, PREPARE FOR WAR, Rebecca devotes an entire chapter to the Roman

Catholic Church called, "Is Roman Catholicism Witchcraft?" There she states:

"Anyone who does not live in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ of the Bible is

not saved. If you do not tell your Catholic friends this truth, but continue

in a false friendship with them, then you are a 'partaker' in the evil of the

idolatrous system of Roman Catholicism - you are practicing witchcraft." [57]

Based on that statement and by virtue of her association with a Roman Catholic

hospital, Rebecca was practicing witchcraft.

From the outset of their stay in Lapel, Rebecca and Elaine deceived the

public. A front-page story in the May 26, 1982, edition of THE LAPEL REVIEW

newspaper said Rebecca was establishing her "general medical practice" there.

The article under the headline "Dr. Bailey [sic] to open practice in Lapel,"

stated, "She and HER SISTER and two friends working with her are very much

looking forward to joining the community here." [58] From this report and

others, we learn that Rebecca and Elaine were passing themselves off as

sisters. [59] Edna Elaine Moses even took Ruth's last name and called

herself Elaine Bailey! Lapel residents confirmed that they claimed such a


Rebecca claims to have "made contacts during that time and was privileged to

bring close to a thousand people out of hard-core Satanism" while practicing

in Lapel and at her farmhouse residence in nearby Pendleton. "We ran sort of

an underground railroad," she says. [60] If her claims are true, she would

have had to rescue from Satanism an average of 1.3 people per day during the

25 months (April 1982 through May 1984) she lived in the area. Any Christian

minister or counter-cult worker would agree that such a rate would be


But as they did at Ball Memorial, circumstances in Lapel surrounding Rebecca

and Elaine grew strange. First, Rebecca's version: "...the battle escalated,

becoming even more intense. [61] The satanists were instruments of my

mother's death. [62] Elaine was by then in a semi-coma from her leukemia and

was totally bedfast for over 6 months. [63] Satan struck me one of his final

blows to our ministry in that area. The Satanists swept in, and in one night,

while Elaine and I were out of the house for a couple of hours, destroyed

everything we had. They axed everything in my home, even killing our precious

pets. They also destroyed my office and everything we had. Elaine and I

escaped with our lives and the clothes on our backs, that is all. Satan's

attack was so well planned that at the same time everyone turned against us.

Our church decided we were serving Satan and refused to help us. My own

father and the rest of my family turned against us. Elaine's family helped

destroy everything we had. Members of both our families moved to try to get

us permanently committed to a mental institution. We had no choice but to

flee the state." [64]

Rebecca concludes: "Many other events happened which I do not have the space

to detail." [65]

Documentary evidence shows a different story.

First, there is no ground for Rebecca's claim that Satanists were instruments

of her mother's death. According to the official copy of the "Medical

Certificate of Death from the Marion County [Ind.] Health Department," Lois M.

Bailey died Dec. 31, 1982 at St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis of a heart

attack. She was 75 years old. [66] Rebecca says she was 74. [67]


Another detail Rebecca fails to mention is allegations that she abused Elaine.

Documents show that she indeed did abuse Elaine.

On Oct. 17, 1983, officer Samuel E. Hanna of the Madison County [Indiana]

Police received a phone call from a social worker at St. Vincent's Hospital in

Indianapolis. The reason for the call: A woman had been admitted into the

hospital whose entire body was covered with lesions. She was incoherent, had

received an overdose of drugs and was near death. The patient's name was

Edna Elaine Moses. A preliminary investigation found the prime suspect to be

Dr. Ruth Bailey (Rebecca). [68] Officer Hanna, a born again Christian, was

the party responsible for spearheading the major investigation of Rebecca.

Several months of investigative work followed which involved the Attorney

General's office, the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, St. John's

Hospital, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board and others.

Based on the investigation, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board issued an

"Emergency Suspension" of Rebecca's license, which barred her from practicing

medicine in Indiana for 90 days." [69]

More investigation followed, additional affidavits were taken and a "Request

For Admissions" by Rebecca was secured. Among other findings, the exploration

revealed that Rebecca, in less than six months' time had issued to four

different pharmacies a total of more than 100 prescriptions for Demerol, which

authorized purchase of 330 vials of the highly addictive, pain-killing drug.


Following that discovery, the Licensing Board issued an order filed May 22,

1984, extending Rebecca's suspension for 90 more days. The order further

stated, "That Respondent [Rebecca] continues to represent a clear and

immediate danger to the public health and safety if she is allowed to continue

to represent a clear and immediate danger to the public health and safety if

she is allowed to continue to practice medicine, and that the reasons

enumerated for the prior order of suspension in this matter have not changed."

The order further called for Rebecca to "submit to a complete physical and

mental examination at the board's expense."

By this time, Rebecca had fled Lapel. A copy of the Board's order had to be

forwarded to her by certified mail to a post office box in Niles, Mich., where

she signed for it on May 29, 1984. The investigation continued and resulted

in a hearing in September 1984. The Sept. 21, 1984, edition of the

INDIANAPOLIS NEWS reported that "She [Rebecca] did not attend the six-hour

hearing of her case yesterday, and by law her failure to appear meant the

state had proven her guilty by default." The paper further reported that 19

witnesses gave testimony during the hearing, several of whom "declined to

reveal their current addresses, saying they feared retaliation from Dr.

Bailey. The physician carries a handgun and has threatened to harm people she

claims are possessed, they said."

The newspaper article went on to report that "Several witnesses said that they

saw Dr. Bailey [Rebecca] inject herself, Mrs. Moses [Elaine] and Mrs. Moses'

teen-age daughter with Demerol and morphine. Great quantities of drugs were

kept on hand, and the Bailey home was littered with used needles and syringes,

witnesses said." Further, a former live-in housekeeper for Dr. Bailey

testified that "the home was 'filthy' when she and her daughter moved in. 'I

hauled out 18 bags of trash,' she said. In the room where Dr. Bailey and Mrs.

Moses shared a bed, there were overflowing ashtrays, plates of leftover food

and animal feces, she testified. The house was full of demonology books."


The Indiana Medical Licensing Board's hearing concluded and a "Finding of

Fact, Conclusions of Law & Order" was issued. The eight-page report called

for the immediate revocation of Rebecca's medical license. Among the most

telling excerpts are:

"8. That on numerous occasions Respondent [Rebecca] has knowingly and

intentionally misdiagnosed her patients including, but not limited to her

patients by the name of Edna Elaine Moses, a/k/a Elaine Moses, a/k/a Elaine

Bailey (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'Edna Elaine Moses'), Claudia

Moses, Lucia Lively, Luccinda Sisson, Kelly Sisson, Cheryl Maynard, and two

(2) patients identified only as 'V.B.' and 'K.W.'

9. That the 'misdiagnosis' referred to in 'Finding of Fact' no. 8 above,

included misdiagnosing alleged leukemia, various blood disorders, gall bladder

disease, brain tumors and various other ailments and conditions all of which

Respondent stated were allegedly caused by demons, devils and other evil


10. That in fact, the patients referred to in 'Finding of Fact' no. 8 above,

were not suffering from the diagnosed ailments and conditions referred to in

'Finding of Fact' no. 9 above.

11. That on numerous occasions Respondent stated to her patients that she was

'chosen' by God as the only physician able to diagnose certain ailments and

conditions which other physicians could not because the other physicians,

including physicians from Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana and St.

John's Medial Center in Anderson, Indiana, were, in fact, 'demons, devils and

other evil spirits' themselves.

12. That Respondent was inapporpriately treating Edna Elaine Moses' purported

leukemia with massive doses of Demerol and Phenobarbitol to the point where

the patient would tolerate 600 to 900 cc injections of Demerol, a fatal dose

of which is normally in the 150 to 200 cc range, and up to three times the

recommended therapeutic dose of phenobarbitol.

13. That Respondent gave Claudia Moses, a 15-year-old mentally impaired

daughter of Edna Elaine Moses who possesses the intellectual age of an

8-year-old, numerous injections of Demerol for alleged 'nausea' and allowed

Claudia to administer injections of Demerol to herself.


14. That on numerous occasions the Respondent would supply her patients with

excessive amounts of legend drugs and/or controlled substances without any

explanation, instruction, or appropriate charting.

15. That numerous patients of the Respondent had to undergo detoxification and

withdrawal from the excessive amounts of legend drugs and/or controlled

substances which the Respondent was prescribing and/or administering without

valid therapeutic reasons.

16. That while Edna Elaine Moses was under the immediate care and treatment of

Respondent, the family of Edna Elaine Moses had to have Edna admitted to St.

Vincent's Hospital Emergency Room in Indianapolis, Indiana and subsequently

committed to LaRue Carter Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, for

detoxification from the excessive amounts of controlled substances which

Respondent was prescribing and administering for Edna's purported leukemia and

for treatment of the multiple infections, including infections of her urinary

tract and infections of various catheters including a 'Hickman' catheter used

to facilitate the administration of intravenous medications and also for

treatment of externally caused lesions...

20. That Respondent has stated on numerous occasions that she possessed the

capability of 'sharing' her patients' illnesses in fighting the demons, devils

and other evil spirits that were allegedly causing the various ailments and

conditions and that she was, in fact, 'sharing' Edna Elaine Moses' leukemia.

21. That without a valid therapeutic reason the Respondent self-diagnosed and

self-medicated herself with non-therapeutic amounts of Demerol for her

'leukemia' that she was allegedly 'sharing' with Edna Elaine Moses and also

for treatment of an alleged malignant brain tumor and myasthenia gravis.

22. That Respondent has been witnessed routinely receiving non-therapeutic

doses of at least 3 ccs of Demerol on an hourly basis by injecting herself in

the backs of her hands, the inside of her thighs, or wherever she could locate

a suitable vein.

23. That the Board-appointed psychiatrist who examined the Respondent and

reviewed statements made by her patients diagnosed the Respondent as suffering

from acute personality disorders including demonic delusions and/or paranoid


Finally, based upon the foregoing "Findings of Fact," the Board then made its

"Conclusions of Law," about Rebecca, which included findings of her:

"(D) addiction or severe dependency upon alcohol or other drugs which

endangers the public by impairing a practitioner's ability to practice


(3) Prescribing or administering a drug for other than generally accepted

therapeutic purposes; and,

(4) Gross negligence in the practice of medicine."

The most important point of the medical report is the divulging of Demerol

overdoses by both Elaine and Rebecca. Addiction to Demerol, a depressant, has

clearly identifiable side effects. THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS

describes the side effects of a Demerol overdose: "Disorientation,

hallucinations, unstable gait, paradoxical behavioral disturbances may suggest

psychotic disorder." The GUIDE goes on: "weakness, fainting, disorientation,

dizziness, impaired concentration, dependence, confusion, convulsions."

It is impossible to determine how much, if any, real contact with Satan Elaine

and Rebecca had while under the influence of drugs. but one can be sure that

their drug-influenced states brought no direct revelation from God. Possibly

both were feeding and fueling the interpretations of their fantasies. Rebecca

and Elaine's perception of the facts and personal experiences are akin to the

image one sees in a fun house mirror - the image is there but is a complete

distortion of reality.

Rebecca and Elaine's story, as told to Chick, with its extra-biblical claims

and sinful origins cause it to be found wanting when held up to the standard

of God's Word. Further we cannot ignore the vast amount of documentation and

testimony given by police, doctors, lawyers, family members and acquaintances;

nor can we give heed to the claim that they aa are part of Satan's ploy to

discredit Rebecca and Elaine.

Ruth Bailey's medical career been cut short as she had "deteriorated into a

woman plagued by drug addiction, religious extremism and a belief that

patients and colleagues were possessed by devils." [71]

Jack Chick continues to deceive the public with his promotion of questionable

and sensationalistic testimonies. The advancement of such in no way edifies

the body of Christ. It appears Chick has, himself, has fallen prey to Satan's

wiles. We hope in the future he acknowledges the sordid and suspicious past

of these women and admits he has been deceived. Our prayer, too, is that

Rebecca and Elaine will repent of the lies and deceptions which cause evil

suspicions among Christians and serve to harm the Church.


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