The rapid growth of Satan worship and similarly related cults has

many people worried. Law enforcement agencies, clergy, and even

animal-rights activists are dealing with a problem that grows almost


An article in the Kansas City Star recently told of the violence

of these groups in this area. Police are consulting theologians to

learn more of Satan, his powers and the manner in which he is


Ceremonial meetings occur which range from sexual orgies to

sacrifices of animals and humans. One officer estimates that

nationally as many as 50,000 children and young people who have been

kidnaped or have run away and taken to the streets have been killed by

satanic cults.

Another officer reported evidence that some women become pregnant

for the sole purpose of having a baby to sacrifice. Local caves and

deserted houses reveal blood and satanic symbols.

One group, Santeria, from Cuba is active in south Florida and has

as many as 60,000 people involved in worship. This worship includes

rituals of animal sacrifice which has angered animal-rights activists

in the area.

I don't share these facts for shock value, but to warn you and

your family that we are faced with an enemy who is against God and

God's people.

Let us be clothed continually with God's spiritual armor. Please

take time to read Ephesians 6:10-20.

Reprinted from the Gospel Tract Society's May Newsletter

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