Parents of a 16-year-old high school student who committed

suicide say that a 'curse' from the Dungeons & Dragons game led

to his death.A law suit filed by the parents has revived the

controversy about the popular fantasy game which is available for

home computers.

The parents of the boy who died June 9, 1982, are seeking $1

million plus legal expenses and interest. The suit alleges that

Dr. Robert A. Bracey III, principal at Patrick Henry High School

in Virginia, was negligent in allowing the game to be played at

the school and was aware of potential dangers posed by the game.

The suit filed at the Hanover Courthouse in Virginia's

Hanover Circuit Court states that Irving Lee 'Blink' Pulling II

shot himself after a 'curse' was placed on him by another

'Dungeons and Dragons'player.The lawsuit further says that the

curse was 'Intended to inflict emotional distress upon (Pulling)

at a time when he... was already under extreme psychological

stress and emotional pressure from playing the game.'

'Dungeons and Dragons' is a fantasy-type board and computer

game. Players assume the roll of mythological characters such as

sorcerers and warriors. A character's qualities,such as strength

magic or wisdom, are determined by chance.One player,the 'dungeon

master' sets the course of the game by placing characters in

confrontations who sometimes 'win' or 'die.'

Christian Computing

May-June 1984

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