Is it really a harmless game?

A ÿharmless game? ÿ"It's fun to play Ouija ÿBoard!" ÿÿ"It

scared ÿme!" ÿ"It shocked me with the things it told me!" ÿThese

are ÿjust ÿsome ÿof the remarks you hear ÿwhen ÿthis ÿsubject ÿis


But ÿwhat is this fascinating and ÿoft-times ÿfrightening

game ÿbelieved ÿby ÿso ÿmany people that they even ÿallow ÿit ÿto

control ÿÿtheir ÿlives? ÿÿThe ÿSpiritualists ÿtells ÿus ÿwe ÿare

contacting ÿthe ÿdead, ÿÿand we are to accept these ÿmessages ÿas

coming ÿfrom our departed Loved ones. ÿAlso, ÿthey explain ÿthat

messages are given to us from "Guides" or "Guardian Angels" ÿfrom

the Spirit World. ÿThe people who have become adept at this game

will ÿsay some unseen, ÿintelligent force seems to control ÿtheir

hand and spell these "Messages".

For the answer to this problem I feel we must turn to the

world's greatest authority - the word of God. ÿPaul, ÿwriting in

Ephesians 6:12 ÿsays "For we wrestle not against Flesh and Blood,

but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of

the darkness of this world, ÿagainst spiritual wickedness in high


One ÿof ÿthe ÿmajor doctrines denounced by the ÿBible ÿis

Demonology, ÿÿand ÿthat is just what Paul refers to in ÿEphesians

6:12. ÿMany scriptures refer to these unseen intelligences. ÿAs

one ÿwho ÿhas tampered with influences for almost a lifetime, ÿÿI

appreciate what Paul meant and I know this to be a fact. ÿWithin

these ÿmany ÿscriptures the Bible discusses ÿNecromancy ÿ(Gr. ÿÿ-

Contact ÿwith ÿthe Dead). ÿ"There shall not be found ÿamong ÿyou

anyone that maketh his son or daughter to pass through the ÿfire,

or ÿthat ÿuses ÿdivination, ÿÿor an observer ÿof ÿtimes, ÿÿor ÿan

enchanter, or a Witch, or a Charmer, or a consulter with Familiar

spirits, or a Wizard, or a Necromancer." ÿ(Deuteronomy 18:10,11).

Space ÿdoes ÿnot permit us to quote the many scriptures we ÿcould

use against this unholy fascination.

We ÿsee, ÿtherefore, ÿthat Ouija Boards and all kinds ÿof

spiritualism ÿcan be nothing but communion with demons, ÿÿagainst

scripture, ÿÿand ÿwe ÿmust remember that ÿGod ÿpassed ÿthe ÿDeath

sentence ÿon all mediums that had familiar spirits and also ÿupon

people consulting with them. ÿIt is sternly forbidden by God ÿas

defiling. ÿWhy go to the Ouija Board when we can go to the ÿLord

Jesus Christ? ÿThe Bible says, ÿ"For there is one God, ÿand ÿone

mediator between God and Men, ÿthe man Christ Jesus." (1 Timothy


To ÿthose ÿwho ÿare constantly looking ÿfor ÿmiracles ÿor

signs, ÿÿJesus says, ÿ"An evil and adulterous generation ÿseeketh

after ÿa sign." ÿ(Matthew 12:39). ÿAre you seeking after a ÿsign

using the Ouija Board?

If ÿyou would like more information of How ÿto ÿCorrectly

receive ÿthe ÿLord ÿJesus Christ and to be Forgiven of ÿall ÿyour

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