On June 27, 1959, Rev. William Gill, a missionary and teacher, walked out

of the dining hall of his missionary school at Boiani, New Guinea, looked up

and saw a large, shining object. Rev. Gill was joined by 28 other adult

witnesses, including five teachers and two medical assistants, who all signed

a statement attesting to the reality of the incident.

The strange craft hovered close to the observers, accompanied by two

other UFOs. Four humanoid creatures appeared on top of the object. Gill and

several of the others began waving their arms. Two of the creatures returned

the greeting, waving their "arms." Gill and his friends observed the UFO from

6:45 to 7:20 p.m. when the object finally took off and disappeared.*

One evening in 1961 Barney and Betty Hill were driving along a deserted

highway when they saw an unidentified flying object apparently following them.

As they pulled their car over and stopped, the UFO landed and took them

aboard. The Hills had no memory of what took place and simply found

themselves again in their car.

In one of the most baffling aspects of this case, Betty Hill, under

hypnosis, reproduced a star map which had been shown to her by the UFO's

commander. The map consisted of 27 stars, several of which were unknown to

astronomers and the others difficult to place in known star configurations.

This was immediately assumed as evidence of the falsity of the entire story.

In 1969, though, Marjorie Fish, research specialist for MUFON (Mutual UFO

Network), found many of the stars located in the constellation Reticulum. By

1972, all the stars had been located. In effect, Betty Hill, a housewife, had

drawn a diagram in 1964 of star configurations that were completely unknown to

astronomers until 1972.**

Even the Air Force, and in fact, the White House, are not immune to UFO

sightings. On July 20, 1952, several UFOs were picked up on radar -- directly

over the nation's Capitol. As would be expected, jet fighters manned by ace

pilots were scrambled to intercept the objects. While the whole scene was

being monitored on radar, the jets entered the vicinity of the UFOs, only to

have them escape at a speed of several thousand miles per hour. The mystified

pilots were called in.

However, the night was still young. The UFOs returned several times and

each time the fighters were sent to meet them. When the planes got close, the

UFOs would take off at their phenomenal speed. This cat and mouse game

continued until almost daybreak.

A few days later, the mysterious blips again appeared on radar. Once

more, jets were scrambled to pursue them. This time, the UFOs surrounded one

of the planes and flew with it in full view of the pilot for several seconds

before making their getaway. This was confirmed by ground radar tracking.***

History of UFOs

Increased public interest in spiritual phenomena has made UFOs common

knowledge and the subject of intense research. Since the development of radar

and sophisticated air forces, thousands of UFO sightings have been discovered

and verified. Today they can no longer be explained away. UFOs are out of

the natural realm and because of their sensational nature, they have created

their own cult following. As Christians, we should have some kind of

intelligent answer.

There is no need for Christians to get nervous over UFOs or have their

faith shaken. The Bible has always spoken about evil supernatural forces and

acknowledged supernatural occurrences which were separate from God.

UFOs are nothing new. Ancient Hindu literature refers to celestial cars

and flying discs. Several very distinguished Roman historians such as

Tacitus, Seneca, and Pliny mentioned UFO sightings in the third and fourth

century B.C. Eight specific locations of sightings dating up to 16 B.C. are

given by Titus Libins and Julius Obsequeno.

The great explorer Christopher Columbus saw an unidentified light moving

up and down the sky the night before he discovered land on his famous voyage.

1896-97 saw one of the major UFO flaps (heavy concentration of sightings in a

given time period) in history.****

What are UFOs and where do they come from? Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a world

famous ufologist and head of Northwestern University's Astronomy Department,

Astronaut James McDivitt, Marine Corps Major Donald Keyhoe and many other

researchers believe the UFOs are probably interplanetary spacecraft manned by

intelligent beings. Their hypothesis is based on such examples as the

Pascogoula, Mississippi incident.

On October 11, 1973, two shipyard workers, Charles Hickson and Calvin

Parker, were fishing when a UFO landed close to them. They were "floated"

into the craft where they were examined by humanoids with strange equipment,

then let go after some twenty minutes had passed. No one has ever come up with

justifiable evidence that the incident was a hoax or a simple hallucination.

An incredible outgrowth of this thinking is the popular "Chariots of the

Gods?" idea expounded by Erich Von Daniken.

Von Daniken, a self-proclaimed expert in nearly everything, postulates

that spacemen visited the earth in ancient history, teaching people and

helping them produce certain mysterious wonders, such as the Great Pyramid,

the highly civilized Mayan culture, and the Nazca lines. Dr. Clifford Wilson,

Ph.D. and former director of the Australian Institute of Archaeology, brings

up many problems and inconsistencies in Von Daniken's conjectures.

Wilson charges that Von Daniken is at odds with the sciences of

archaeology and anthropology as he ignores common plausible explanations and

substitutes his own wild assertions. Von Daniken presents certain isolated

facts to the uneducated public and then asks "What does it look like to you?"

It's a good thing we don't approach medical science in that way.

Operation Cover Up

The U.S. government has initiated four major reports since 1947 to

investigate UFOs. The results of the 1947 Project Sign revealed the validity

of UFO sightings and offered the tentative explanation of extraterrestrial

spacecraft. Out of the unpopular reception of these results by Air Force

hierarchy, Project Grudge in 1949 was born. Grudge proceeded to discredit

sightings as hallucinations or hoaxes and to provide natural explanations.

Despite the negative viewpoint established by Grudge, continued and

increased UFO sightings necessitated Project Bluebook. Bluebook's purpose was

to gather additional data for analysis. Each time the UFOs were spotted on

radar, jets would scramble in pursuit of the "natural phenomenon."

During the famous New York blackouts of November, 1965, there were

several UFO sightings including a rather dramatic one by actor Stewart

Whitman. He looked out the window of his 12th story hotel suite and saw two

shining discs. A voice came from the objects with a warning that the space

visitors had perpetrated the blackouts as a small example of their power to

paralyze our world.*****

Shortly after the blackouts in 1966-68, the government instituted the

controversial Condon Report. It came up with the startling conclusion that

all UFO sightings that cannot be explained by natural phenomena are para-

physical manifestations similar to those experienced in spiritism.

Who Are Those Guys?

John Keel, another foremost ufologist, agrees in part with the Condon

Report, that UFOs cannot be explained in terms of manufactured spacecraft from

other planets and are most likely deceiving spirits playing games with

mankind. States Keel, "Demonology is not just another crackpot-

ology...thousands of books have been written on the subject, many of them

authored by educated clergymen, scientists and scholars, and uncounted numbers

of well-documented demonic events are readily available to every researcher.

The manifestations and occurrences described in this imposing literature are

similar, if not entirely identical, to the UFO phenomenon itself."

The UFO contact reports seem extremely similar to spirit manifestations

experienced by mediums. They seem to have no consistent form. There are

almost as many different descriptions of UFOs as there are detailed sightings.

The tremendous speed and maneuverability of these objects defies all known

natural laws operating in our realm. We cannot scientifically conceive of any

being or material that could survive the gravitational shock of a 90 degree

turn made at 5,000 miles per hour.

Uri Geller, sensational occult personality and keybender extraordinaire,

claims that his unusual powers come from extra-terrestrial beings. In

experiments with Dr. Andrija Puharich, an Israeli physician, Geller functioned

as a medium for creatures supposedly from "Hoova," a distant planet, to

communicate with Dr. Puharich.****** This is not an isolated incident. In

the files of contact cases, there are many examples of trances, contactees

being used as "mediums," paralysis, hypnotism, etc.

Christian UFO researchers such as Dr. Walter Martin and Dr. Wilson

propose by theory that UFOs are demons, who can assume material forms

temporarily, and whose goal it is to confuse, deceive, and prepare mankind for

the coming of the anti-Christ. They point to the many false prophecies and

the anti-Christian theology usually included in the messages by UFO occupants.

If UFOs are demon manifestations, where do they come from?

Powers of the Air?

A great host of angelic beings led by Lucifer (or Satan) were defeated in

an attempt to usurp God's authority and were confined to the atmospheric

heavens of earth awaiting God's final judgment. (Ez. 28:11-19, Isaiah 14:12-

17, Eph. 2:2, Rev. 12:7-12).

Christians are instructed to put on God's whole armor so that they can

"stand up against (all) the strategies and deceits of the devil. For we are

not wrestling with flesh and blood -- contending only with physical opponents

-- but against the despotisms, against the powers, against (the master spirits

who are) the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces

of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere." (Eph. 6:11b,12)

Christians have authority over all evil spiritual beings. Jesus said,

"Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and

over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall hurt you." (Luke 10:19)

In I John 4:1-3, we are told not to believe every spirit, but to test

them to see whether they are of God. The scriptural test is, "By this you may

know (perceive and recognize) the Spirit of God: every spirit which

acknowledges and confesses (the fact) that Jesus Christ, the Messiah,

(actually) has become man and has come in the flesh is of God -- has God for

its source.

"And every spirit which does not acknowledge and confess that Jesus

Christ has come int the flesh (but would annul, destroy, sever, disunite Him)

is not of God -- does not proceed from Him. This (non-confession) is the

spirit of anti-Christ, (of) which you heard that it was coming, and now it is

already in the world."

The Great Deception

In what category does this leave the UFO? These supposedly

"interstellar" visitors tell us their life span is thousands of years or that

they are immortal. They speak of their advanced civilization where everything

is perfect. For example, Uri Geller's cosmic companions from "Hoova" claim to

have solved all life's problems and are willing to share their knowledge with

mankind. Other "intergalactic" representatives give ominous warnings of doom

for earth and her citizens.

Finally, and most important, UFO messages have denied a supernatural,

all-powerful God who works in individual lives, instead offering a do-it-

yourself program for perfection and immortality.

This non-confession of Jesus Christ and God's plan of salvation for us

classifies UFOs of the spirit of anti-Christ. UFOs present a diversion

keeping us from the reality of our spiritual crisis and the reality of the

living God.

In contrast with the facts on UFOs, we have unified historical evidence

and testimony of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. While UFOs

are doing cute maneuvers in the skies and talking about interplanetary

organizations. Jesus teaches of love, peace, honesty, self-control, helping

the poor, justice...the very things we desperately need. Beyond that, He

offers to make these things a living reality in our lives through an

individual, personal relationship with Himself.

Rather than hiding and playing games with man, the Lord has offered

Himself for us and opened His kingdom to us. He made it simple, as simple as

turning from our sinfulness and asking Jesus into our lives. Realistically,

the UFO question may never be answered once and for all. In the meantime, we

have much more important things to deal with.


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