Spiritualism, Sorcery and Witchcraft.....

what does the Bible say?

1. Do you know that God commanded Israel that those who practice

sorcery or witchcraft should not be permitted to live?

Exodus 22:18

2. Do you know that to seek to communicate with spirits or with

the dead is to become defiled and unfit to appear before God

to worship Him? Leviticus 19:31

3. Do you know that God cuts off from among His people all who

turn to mediums for help? Leviticus 20:6

4. Do you know that capitol punishment by stoning was God's

sentence on any man or woman who calls up spirits?

Leviticus 20:27

5. Do you know that witchcraft, fortune-telling, crystal reading

necromancy, and palmistry are related to spiritism and are

strongly condemned by God? Deuteronomy 18:10,11

6. Do you know that it was because of their black magic and

related practices that God destroyed the Canaaites?

Deuteronomy 18:10-12

7. Do you know that Samuel's most effective way of impressing

upon Saul the enormity of the sin of disobedience was by

likening it to witchcraft? 1 Samuel 15:23

8. Do you know that King Saul of Israel, when he was faithful

to God, cleared all the spiritistic mediums out of the land?

1 Samuel 28:3

9. Do you know that when King Saul later consulted a medium, it

was only after his sins had made communication with God

impossible? 1 Samuel 28:6,7

10. Do you know that Saul's loss of his crown and his untimeley

death were the direct judgement of God on him for his dealings

in spiritism? 1 Chronicles 10:13

11. Do you know that the list of wicked King Manasseh's sins includes

consulting with spirit-meduims, fortune-tellers, and sorcerers?

2 Chronicles 33:6

12. Do you know that one of the reasons God rejected Israel was

because they practiced magic and communicated with evil spirits?

Isaiah 2:6

13. Do you know that it is insulting to God to consult the dead when

you can inquire of Him? Isaiah 8:19

14. Did you know that a fortune-teller may be demon possessed, like

the girl in Philippi out of whom Paul cast an unclean spirit in

the name of Jesus? Acts 16:16-18

15. Do you know that true Christians, like those at Ephesus, have

nothing to do with black magic and its related practices?

Acts 19:19

16. Did you know that sorcery is included in the works of the flesh

listed in the Bible, and that those who practice it cannot enter

the kingdom of God? Galatians 5:19-21

17. Do you know that those who engage in sorcery will be shut out of

heaven and banished forever from God? Revelation 21:8 and 22:15

18. Do you know that the teachings of spiritism are doctrines of demons?

1 Timothy 4:1

19. Do you know that demons are subject to God's greater power and

tremble before Him? James 2:19

20. Do you know that the increase in following after subversive

doctrines inspired by devils is one of the predicted signs of

the last days and of the near approach of judgement? 1 Timothy 4:1

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