Transcendental Meditation comes in many guises. Indeed, it can

come heavily disguised. (For a Hindu this is quite logical because he

will gladly lie to gain a convert.)

My reason for mentioning Hinduism is given below, but Christian

readers must always be on their guard when it comes to what seems to

be a Christian 'therapy' or meditative process. In particular, watch

out for 'harmless' treatments available on the NHS or other therapy

provision. It is very easy for a professional Christian worker to be

fooled by what appears to be a slick and proven therapy. One example

is Gestalt Therapy, which relies heavily on Eastern mysticism and its



There are many faces to Transcendental Meditation (more commonly

called TM), but do not be sidetracked - it is just one of the many

facets of Hinduism. It first hit the headlines in the swiftly

changing, heady atmosphere of the 1960's, when the cult leader,

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, toured the U.S.A. He presented TM as a

scientific answer to today's problems of race hatred, violence, drug

abuse and anxiety. Literally thousands flocked to enroll in TM

courses. Everyone, from university educationists to the armed forces,

prisons, schools and even theological colleges, swarmed to be a part

of the new wave of thinking. They all felt the need for change, for a

new spirituality. TM seemed to offer this, even though it was

primarily billed as scientific.

Many scientific claims were made for the truth and helpfulness of

TM. But, one by one, concerned scientists found the claims to be

false or exaggerated. Personally, for instance, I have noted that

certain mechanical machines used to lower blood pressure can do the

same work as TM does. More pertinently, Christian holiness and prayer

is far superior to any 'method'. Today TM is often used in

psychiatric settings. Alas, it is also to be found within our

churches. As in the past, TM may often be disguised as something

else. Many martial arts, for example, are based on TM techniques.

Others, in an effort to hide the true origins of TM, try to present

certain meditative processes as scientific or psychological



Those who attend TM sessions usually believe they are to be

treated for anxiety. TM also claims to make better work relations,

reduce fears, etc. But, as one Hindu priest told me, "people must, if

needs be, be tricked into becoming Hindus"!!! The Maharishi himself

tells instructors that people are "too ignorant" to understand

Hinduism, therefore they must be helped, by deceit!!

Thus, newcomers to TM are asked to bring flowers with them to

their first session. They are also urged to bring fruit and a

handkerchief (these are themselves a warning signal!) They are put

facing the Maharashi's own dead guru and the instructor sings a song

in Sanskrit and invites the newcomer to bow. Many Christians have

done this.

What is not known is that the song is in praise of Hindu gods and

it invokes the spirits. The newcomer is given a 'mantra', a

meaningless word which is used as a repetitive prayer. When the

initiate repeats his mantra he is actually invoking the gods for

himself. All this time, he does not know he is doing anything

religious but believes it is a meditative technique.


Gradually, the initiate comes under the control of both his

instructor and his own mantra. There comes a time when the constant

repetition of his mantra produces a numbness of mind, when he does not

even hear himself praying to the gods. His mind empties of all

thought, leading towards the 'merging of self' with the so called

'absolute deity', Brahma.

Eventually, adherents to TM lose their personality and lose touch

with reality. They no longer love anyone else and many end up with

mental disorders. Many, also, suffer demon attack and even

possession. The Maharishi sees no place in the world for a non-Hindu.

He claims that man is divine and so he cannot sin. His only 'sin' he

says, "is that he does not recognize his own divinity"!!! It is not

unusual that TM adherents take up the occult in its many forms,

including levitation, witchcraft etc.


Yoga exercises are not as harmless as they seem. Again, many

Christians take up Yoga as a 'harmless pastime' to help relieve

tension and aches. Experts say, however, that yoga is no more

effective than any other form of physical training. More to the

point, though, is the fact that every single minute movement to be

found in any yoga exercise is really a prayer to the gods! Each

passive, gentle movement is a symbol which 'speaks' to the spirits.

Christians who take up yoga seriously or TM, eventually lose all love

they ever had for their Savior and God. They begin to accept all

kinds of 'other gospels' and will usually start to say that God can be

reached by other faiths. Some may also experience the other horrific

problems already mentioned.


TM is not to be fooled with or toyed with. It is a cult, a lie

of the devil. It cannot, in any form, be 'mixed' with Christianity.

In my own town, the local Anglican church regularly holds yoga

sessions and TM sessions in the aisle! It is all put under the title

of 'Christian'! TM is Hindu. It is meant to draw you into a false

religion which is devoted to false gods and evil spirits. The devil

will use any means to destroy men and turn men from the true God. TM

in its many disguises does just that.

(This text, which has been edited by TRINITY 1 BBS, was originally

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